'Outlast' DLC is Coming in April

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Last fall developer Red Barrels unleashed Outlast on PC gamers. The non-combat survival horror game was generally well-received and took its place among classic horror games with a mix of helpless running and disgusting/terrifying art. More recently Outlast made its way to PlayStation 4 where PlayStation Plus subscribers got to play the game for free.

Though Outlast would have been perfectly fine as a one-off horror game, perhaps with a few sequels, the game will be getting some DLC to flesh out the story of the Mount Massive Asylum. Red Barrels this week announced that the game's first DLC will be out sometime in April for both the PC and PS4 versions of the game.

The new content, titled Outlast: Whistleblower, will put players into the shoes of a new protagonist. As software engineer Waylon Park players will play the part of a prisoner at the asylum before the events seen in the main game. Players will get to see more of the unethical experiments the doctors at the facility are performing before sending off the message that sparks the story in Outlast. In addition, Red Barrels promises that the new add-on will tell a story that continues on after the ending of the main game and, according to the studio, shows the "final chapter" in the Mount Massive Asylum story.

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