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Google’s Privacy Change: Much Ado About Nothing?

Are you tired of paying for Google’s services, even after they announce a major overhaul of their privacy policy? Oh, wait. You don’t actually pay anything to use Google. So much for that. Perhaps opting out is too difficult a task, and so, complaining about the new and unknown is the way to go. It should be noted that, even …

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Google’s Policy For Government Contracts Unchanged

For those who are concerned about Google’s new privacy policy, there has been yet another clarification. Essentially Google would like to make clear that the new blanket policy for the consumer space doesn’t spill over into the Enterprise and Government sector and that no such data mining will be taking place in the services provided for those clients. The announcement …

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Can Consumers Opt-Out Of Google’s New Privacy Policy?

Beginning March 1st Google will begin to monitor user’s habits, preferences, and proclivities much more closely and in a systematic fashion. The company reports that they will do this to help refine their products and deliver more effective advertising. This has a lot of users in an uproar! Now the policies have caught the attention of several U.S. lawmakers. In …

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