Google's Privacy Change: Much Ado About Nothing?

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Are you tired of paying for Google's services, even after they announce a major overhaul of their privacy policy? Oh, wait. You don't actually pay anything to use Google. So much for that.

Perhaps opting out is too difficult a task, and so, complaining about the new and unknown is the way to go. It should be noted that, even without the privacy policy consolidation, Google has always had the ability to track your online behavior, and tailor your web experience accordingly, but now that they're being upfront about it, people have issues.

The question is, are these issues valid?

Not according to the lead video which makes something of a mockery of the complaints people have had concerning Google's new privacy policy. Made by Forbes' own Kashmir Hill, the video features the infamous Xtranormal duo going back and forth about the policy changes, and after watching it, you might come to the realization that more is being made out of Google's privacy policy than there needs to be.

Like the video intimated, you aren't bound by law to use Google. There are alternatives. If their privacy policy is bothering you that much, to the point where even opting out doesn't salve your privacy wounds, then feel free to give the other products a try.

Or, you could always, you know, opt out...

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