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Coachella 2011 Streaming Live on YouTube Coachella 2011 Streaming Live on YouTube
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Coachella 2011 starts on Friday, and there are a lot of good musical acts there, but luckily for those of us who don’t get to attend, we can still watch it online. The popular music and arts festival is streaming …

The LeBrons Becomes A Regular YouTube Series

NBA star LeBron James has a new cartoon called The LeBrons, which has made its debut on YouTube, and is sponsored by HP and Intel, as Google points out. I also saw a Bing commercial in there. “Born from a …

YouTube Live Launched for Live Streaming YouTube Live Launched for Live Streaming
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Things at YouTube are getting very interesting. Their plans for a more channel-based homepage experience, geared toward making the site more television-friendly were unveiled earlier this week. Now YouTube has announced the launch of YouTube Live, which consists of a …

YouTube Homepage Changes Rumored To Make Site More TV-Like YouTube Homepage Changes Rumored To Make Site More TV-Like
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Rumor has it that YouTube is going to get a big makeover, as a more traditional channel-oriented site. That’s not to say it will lose its current function as a user-generated video hub or the second largest search engine, but …

Roku at Best Buy Should Mean Increased Adoption
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Roku announced today that its Roku XD player is available for purchase at Best Buy stores nationwide and at BestBuy.com. We spoke with Roku Chief Communications Officer Brian Jaquet at SXSW  earlier this month, about the company’s expansion in retail, …

Myspace to Vevo?
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There has been a lot of talk about the decline of Myspace and of possible Myspace sales and mergers. Now we have something a little more specific (though unconfirmed) to consider. People with knowledge of the situation say that News …

Google Media Ads Launched for AdWords Google Media Ads Launched for AdWords
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Google announced the launch of a new ad format for AdWords today – the Media Ad format. These ads allow advertisers to place emphasis on video from the search results page. The new format works a little differently than the …

Microsoft Jumps Five Spots In Online Video Rankings

With respect to the online video industry, new data from comScore indicates that February was an eventful month.  Sites gained and lost millions of unique visitors, causing the top ten list of online video properties to change in significant ways …

Google Acquires Green Parrot Pictures
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Google’s interest in professional-quality video continues to rise.  This afternoon, a company called Green Parrot Pictures announced that Google’s followed up a recent series of moves in the space by acquiring it.  Google appears to have big plans for the …

Facebook Movie Rental: The Future Norm? Facebook Movie Rental: The Future Norm?
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You may find yourself doing a lot more than just “liking” a movie on Facebook in the near future. There’s a chance that Facebook could become your go-to movie rental destination. Here’s who should be worried about this: Netflix, Blockbuster, Redbox, …

Watch: The Today Show Streams Live Web-Only Show
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The Today Show is simultaneously broadcasting its regular show and an online version, which includes web-only content created specifically for online viewers. While they say it airs exclusively at Today.com, they did make the embed code available, so here it …

YouTube Buys Next New Networks, Launches YouTube Next
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YouTube announced that it has acquired Next New Networks. Rumors about the acquisition have been out there for a while, but Google has made it official. As our own Doug Caverly wrote about a month ago, “The acquisition would make …

John Boehner to Answer Budget, Spending Questions on YouTube

Speaker of the House John Boehner will be doing a YouTube interview on Sunday, February 27 at midnight ET. YouTube is calling for questions from users. 

YouTube will use Google Moderator to determine which questions get asked. The ones with the most votes will be selected. 

Netflix and CBS Strike Content Streaming Deal
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Netflix announced a new deal with CBS that will allow it to stream CBS content for two years (non-exclusively). The deals enables Netflix to stream select TV shows like Medium, Flashpoint, Frasier, and Cheers.

Other shows included in the deal are: Family Ties, the original Hawaii Five-O, Star Trek, Twin Peaks, The Twilight Zone, and The Andy Griffith Show. 

Yahoo Japan Agrees To Video Deal With Ooyala

Yahoo Japan’s approach to online video technology will soon change a great deal.  Indeed, the company’s partnered with Ooyala, an online video specialist, and its tech is supposed to be incorporated into just about everything Yahoo Japan owns.

Amazon Launches New Netflix Competitor

Amazon has announced the launch of an unlimited, commercial-free instant streaming movie and TV show service for Amazon Prime members. The service will give subscribers access to 5,000 movies and shows. 

Prime members will not be charged any extra. The price will remain $79 per year for the membership. The service also provides members with "all-you-can-eat" free 2-day shipping, which the company says has already attracted millions.

Skype Breaks Record with 29 Million Users Online

Skype has broken a new record, hitting 29 million people online. On Skype’s "Big Blog", Peter Parkes writes:

We’ve passed another milestone – at approximately 1800 GMT yesterday, there were more than 29 million people online on Skype. Another record broken, and an opportunity for us to remind you that you can get Skype in all sorts of places – on your computer, on your mobile and even on your TV.

Online Video Drives Super Bowl Ad Revenue

In the 3 days after the Super Bowl was broadcast, the top 10 ads have earned a total of over $1 million in impressions via online video, according to a new report from Kantar Video.

Volkswagen’s “The Force” ad was the most popular, earning the brand $538,000 due to its successful viral strategy by launch a week before the Super Bowl and attracting heavy media coverage.


Acquisition Rumors Again Connect Google, Next New Networks

Rumors have indicated that Google could acquire a company called Next New Networks since at least December, and as of now, neither company has anything to announce.  A new round of reports has surfaced, however, indicating that the purchase might soon occur.

Random Video Chat Comes to Facebook, Courtesy of Rounds
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Last summer, Rounds (formerly 6rounds.com) launched an interactive video chat platform for Facebook.

Web Conferencing Solutions – Where is the Performance?
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How do web conferencing providers differentiate themselves from the pack and demonstrate their superiority in value and benefits to potential customers? The primary answer (as known by any commercial software product marketing manager) is to add features. “More features! I need to be able to put out a press release talking about new capabilities! I need to publish a product sheet showing that we can do something our competitors can’t do!”