42% of Workers Streaming Video in the Bathroom

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Are you one of the 64% of people who watch online video while at work?

If you are, it's more likely that you are a man and according to figures, you are most likely watching news clips.

That's the basic takeaway from this infographic, provided by the folks at Wistia. Other than the revelation that almost half of us are sneaking off to the john to watch stuff on our computers or mobile devices, the most interesting part of the infographic is probably the "what are they watching" segment.

Apparently, 3% of Americans reported streaming porn while they were at work. Of course, if anything was going to be under-reported, that would be it. Even more interesting than that are the 4% of people who reported watching feature length films at work.

Seriously? A YouTube video here and there, maybe a highlight from last night's big game - but a full-length motion picture? Apparently we have some incredibly easy jobs on our hands - that or some people are just incredibly distracted.

Check out the full infographic below -

What kinds of videos do Americans watch at work?
Infographic by: Wistia

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