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TwitchTV to Offer Expensive Ad-Free Subscription

One of the most frustrating experiences while watching an eSports event online is dropping a stream and having to reload and sit through another commercial while the action continues. TwitchTV, the most popular video game streaming service, has heard customer complaints and is now offering a solution. The new “Twitch Turbo” subscription service will allow users to remove all ads …

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LEGO Announces New Free-to-Play Online Game

LEGO and Warner Bros. today announced a series of new video games based on the Kingdom of Chima LEGO sets. The series will include games for mobile platforms, the Nintendo 3DS, and a “massive” free-to-play online game. “We are doing something innovative with LEGO Legends of Chima by making three distinct videogame experiences on a variety of platforms,” said Samantha …

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New York Kicks Another 2,100 Sex Offenders Off Online Gaming

The State of New York is still going after online gamers who happen to be convicted sex offenders, as today the Attorney General’s office announced that they have successfully purged another couple thousand offenders from realm of internet gaming. It’s still part of Operation: Game Over, which the office announced back in April. The state enlisted the help of many …

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Nintendo Hires Its First VP of Network Business

Nintendo of America today announced that it has hired its first ever senior vice president of network business. Duncan Orrell-Jones (pictured) will be taking the newly-created position starting July 1. Nintendo states that Orrell-Jones will be heading up the development of Nintendo of America’s digital strategy for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U video game consoles. He will be reporting …

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Tween Girls are Smitten with Online Gaming

Once upon a time, when the world was ruled by arcades, Atari 2600s, and the adventures of something called Zork, the world of video games was pretty much a boy’s club. Whenever a potential girlfriend discovered that I spent a large amount of my free time helping Pac-Man satisfy his insatiable appetite for shifty ghosts and power pellets, my chances …

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Nintendo Announces New Online Service

Hear ye, hear ye, gentle Nintendo gamers, your days of suffering under the abysmal Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection will soon be at an end. Nintendo during their quarterly report yesterday announced their intention to create the Nintendo Network. IGN reported that Nintendo President Satoru Iwata was quick to distance their new online framework from their previous abomination. “Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, …

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