TwitchTV to Offer Expensive Ad-Free Subscription


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One of the most frustrating experiences while watching an eSports event online is dropping a stream and having to reload and sit through another commercial while the action continues. TwitchTV, the most popular video game streaming service, has heard customer complaints and is now offering a solution.

The new "Twitch Turbo" subscription service will allow users to remove all ads from the Twitch website. That means no pre-roll ads, no display ads, and no companion ads.

Unfortunately, the service is priced absurdly high at $8.99 per month. A subscription to Netflix Instant Watch streaming is only $8 per month. With a year-long PlayStation Plus subscription, for less than $5 per month gamers could be playing games themselves instead of watching other people game on a stream. Not to mention free ad-blocking software can do the same job as Twitch Turbo for free.

The Turbo service doesn't only offer ad-free Twitch, however. Subscribers will also get an "Exclusive Turbo Badge" to show off on the site, as well as custom set of new emoticons and exclusive chat colors. Also, subscribers will get priority when interacting with customer support.

TwitchTV is quickly becoming the online destination for streaming games and eSports. Last year the company raised $15 million in venture capital during a funding round. At the time Twitch CEO Emmett Shear claimed that the website was seeing 20 million unique visitors per month.