Online Coupons: Where Can You Find Them?

Online Coupons: Where Can You Find Them?

By Ellisha Rader Mannering March 12, 2014

If you shop online often, you may be aware that there are many online coupons available that can help you save money on your purchases. These coupons can help you get items for free with a purchase, get free shipping …

Groupon Gets Flak For Porn Studio Tours Groupon Gets Flak For Porn Studio Tours

In 2006, a Columbia University finance PhD graduate named Peter Acworth purchased a 200,000 square foot reproduction of a Moorish castle. The castle has gained notoriety over the years before he purchased it as a National Guard office and film …

H&R Block Coupon Code Gives 20% Off Software Download H&R Block Coupon Code Gives 20% Off Software Download

CouponBuzz.com announced a new 20% off H&R Block Coupon code for H&R Block At Home downloadable tax preparation software. The coupon code is featured on their recently launched webpage dedicated to H&R Block coupons and coupon codes. H&R Block At …

Meineke Gets Effective Twitter Marketing Meineke Gets Effective Twitter Marketing
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Currently, there’s a silly trend populating Twitter feeds everywhere, one that uses the #ItsOkayToCheatif hashtag. The tweets responding to the trend are primarily from bored kids who are trying to sound deep and compelling, or maybe even humorous. Ultimately, it’s …

More Men Using Online Coupons
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Online coupon websites remain a popular way to save, with an increase in usage among men, according to a new survey conducted by Harris Interactive, on behalf of RetailMeNot.com.

Groupon Personalized Deals Will Be Huge for Customers, Businesses

Groupon, the service that provides daily deals that save customers money, is getting a lot of attention these days. Now, they’ll be getting much more. Late yesterday, the company announced a big feature in Personalized Deals. Today, they have released an FAQ for those.

Kroger Launches Online Coupon Center

Kroger has launched a new online coupon center available on its website.

The coupon center offers manufacturer, Kroger brand and web-only coupons, allin one online center. Users can load offers onto their Kroger Plus Card or loyalty cards for other stores Kroger operates including City Market, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Jay C, King Soopers, QFC, Ralphs and Smith’s.

Savings.com Launches Answers Service

Online coupon site Savings.com has launched Answers, a new service that allows users to ask shopping related questions and receive answers from others in real time.

To try Savings.com Answers service, users ask a question about a product or a service they want to purchase. The service relies on the Savings.com community, who respond with answers and related coupons. Users are emailed with each new response to their question, and conversations are indexed so other shoppers can access the information.


More Shoppers Going Online To Find Food Deals

Consumers, looking for deals and discounts on food purchases, are increasingly turning to online tools to save money on groceries, according to Deloitte’s "2010 Consumer Food Safety Survey."

The survey found 33 percent of respondents subscribed to receive emails/recipes/coupons directly from food manufacturers/companies, a six percent increase from 2008.

Emails With Coupons Achieve Higher Open Rates
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The majority (80%) of emails sent with coupons received higher open rates and transaction rates than non-coupon campaigns, according to a new report from Experian Marketing Services.

Seventy percent of coupons-using households get their coupons from newspapers. However, the Internet is a growing coupon resource. Over the last three years, the number of households that get their coupons online has increased by 46 percent.

Coupon Site Reports Big Growth for Online Sales
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Ebates, a site that many big-name brands offer rebates and coupons through, released its online retail report for August, finding that online sales through the site grew 57% during the month, compared to the same time period a year ago.

The categories that showed the biggest growth were: department stores, baby % kids, books & magazines, apparel & shoes, and health & beauty. In fact, only one category covered by Ebates showed decline – home décor.

Google Offers New Coupon Templates for AdWords

Online coupons are incredibly popular these days. In fact, just recently, Nielsen released some data showing that not only are more people going to coupon sites, but the average amount of time spent there has increased.

More Americans Going Online For Coupons
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The number of Americans going online for coupons has increased to 36 million in 2008, 10 million more than in 2005 according to a survey by Simmons/Experian Research and Coupons, Inc.

Online coupons increase a brands perceived value among consumers with 58 percent indicating that a brand that offers coupons online is more likely to offer products they are interested in and will enjoy. It found more than half (57%) believed these companies care about keeping them as customers.

Online Coupons Attract Those With Higher Incomes
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 Coupons found online are more often used by consumers with higher incomes according to a survey from PriceRunner.com