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Marketeers to Spend $36 Billion for Online Ads this Year

Magnaglobal, a devision of IPG Megabrands, has released their forecast for ad expenditures for 2012 and they claim, non-traditional spending, in other words, online advertising, will increase by over 12% this year. That means marketeers and advertisers will be sinking about $36 billion into internet advertising alone. Vincent Letang, EVP and head of global forecasting at MagnaGlobal comments on the …

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Google to Add Breadcrumb URLs to AdWords

Google will soon begin to implement “breadcrumb trails” into their text AdWords ads. Breadcrumb trails refer to a set of links that show the path to various categories within a website. In the Google-provided example, a shoe site ad could have breadcrumb links to the subcategories of “women’s shoes” and “sandals”: The example image below is from a Google support …

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Thinking Outside the Box of Banner Ad Clicks

Think seriously for a moment: when was the last time you legitimately saw an ad online and clicked on it to find out more about the product being advertised? Unless you said, “Never,” you are lying because nobody clicks on those pervasive distractions. The only time I even have an interaction with an ad is when I’m confronted with one …

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Consumers Trusting Web Ads More, Though Not as Much as TV and Print

A new study by Neilsen called the Global Trust in Advertising Survey, Q3 2011, has shown that while people generally don’t trust online ads, especially those on their mobile devices, they are beginning to open up to this form of marketing a bit, though not nearly as much as they do towards TV and print spots. Out of 28,000 consumers …

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Online Ads: Twitter Followers More Likely to Buy

Exacttarget.com has released a new study which reveals the fickle behavior of online consumers. The report was an attempt to nail down United Kingdom shoppers buying behavior by demographic, but the results only reinforced a well known truth; consumers behavior is as unique as the products they buy. With the ever increasing advertising presence on social platforms like Facebook and …

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Google Online Marketing Challenge: Tips and Overview

Google’s Online Marketing Challenge started in 2008 and began with 500 registered professors. Now there are over 1,000 professors registered with the growing challenge. The purpose of the challenge is to give students real world experience working with Google AdWords and online advertising. It also gives students the opportunity to see how they can grow real businesses and non-profit organizations …

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Are You High on Yelp?

On Friday, popular online review site Yelp began trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The company had a successful first day with shares jumping from $15 per share initial pricing to nearly $25 per share. Yesterday, in the company’s second day of trading, shares however dipped nearly 15 percent.

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