NPR Articles

Podvertising Gives NPR a Boost

National Public Radio, which wholeheartedly embraced podcasting early, is seeing a nice return on its investment.

Podcasts Grow More Interactive

A number of items have crossed my desk that lead me to conclude that podcasts are growing more and more interactive, a neat trick for a medium that has been decried as nothing more than glorified downloadable audio.

Can You Hear the Opportunity?

As a continually evolving online marketplace continues to do just that, marketers are always looking for the next big thing. Those untapped markets that can help take them and their clients to the next level.

NPR Slams Google Maps, Mapquest and Others..

In yet another humorous article about Google’s poor maps – actually guys, the data provided to Google, mapquest, MSN, and others are licensed from data providers like Navteq and Tele Atlas.

Gauging Reactions To MSN Search

Last Thursday, MSN announced the official beta launch of their search engine. Although a preview had been available on their sandbox site, the launch marked the official unveiling of the company’s proprietary search technology to the general public. Reaction to what many view as Microsoft’s challenge to Google’s throne was swift.

Google Prepared To Offer Audio And Video Search

It appears as if Google’s search engine is going to be offering a couple of other options for users to employ when they conduct queries. The new features will allow people to search for audio and video clips. However, the Google management team has given no confirmation of these features.

NPR Optimizes Audio Files For Search Engine Purposes

National Public Radio, in an effort to make their audio content crawlable, has begun transcribing audio news streams into text files. These efforts appear to be paying off for NPR; these transcriptions have begun appearing on Google and Yahoo News, complete with links to source audio file.