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Bruce Jenner: Confirms Cancer Surgery

Bruce Jenner’s nose has been the source of jokes for years, with everyone talking about the extensive plastic surgery that he has had done on his face. So, when he stepped out on September 17 with a large bandage covering …

Nose Leaking Brain Fluid, Not Snot, Finds Arizona Man
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Allergies can be crippling, but usually some choice drugs and patience can get even the worst allergy sufferers through allergy season. Suffering a runny nose for over a year and a half, however, is another matter entirely. An Arizona man …

Study: Nose Shows Lying By its Temperature
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A new study has identified a “Pinocchio effect” that can be used to tell if a person is lying. Though the nose of fibbers doesn’t actually grow, the temperature rises around the nose and the orbital muscle in the inner …