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NIST Says It Never Worked With The NSA To Weaken Encryption Standards

Last week, it was revealed that the NSA works tirelessly to break through all forms of encryption. One of the more worrisome revelations from the leak was that the agency worked with the National Institute of Standards and Technology to introduce intentionally weak encryption standards. Now NIST is saying that never happened. In a statement today, NIST denies ever helping …

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Government Agencies Ban Windows Vista

In the past, large organizations have been reluctant to switch over to a new Microsoft operating system due to factors of cost, new training, and the possibility unknown bugs still lurking about in the software. In this case, however, reluctance has given way to outright refusal.

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The Software Development Life Cycle: When to Secure Your Process

When it comes to software security, the general perception is that including technologies such as firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and malware protection throughout the software development life cycle is all that’s needed to keep information secure in the end product.

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