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Elisha Cuthbert Eye Roll Explained on Twitter

This week’s Eastern Conference quarterfinals match between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs went into overtime, inflaming passions and making the Maple Leafs’ loss that much more brutal. However, a couple of glances have now overshadowed the Stanley …

NHL 14 Cover Athlete Voting Has Begun

Electronic Arts is the go-to scapegoat for all of the anti-gamer decisions that have begun to creep into gaming. The video game publisher may be the internet’s favorite punching bag and America’s Worst Company two years running, but the organization …

NHL Referee Murder: Ladislav Scurko Convicted of Stabbing Former Tenant
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NHL referee murder: Ladislav Scurko, who was drafted by the Philadelphia Flyers in 2004, has been convicted of stabbing a former referee, according to Yahoo News. The incident occurred in 2008 following a dispute between Scurko and Marek Liptaj, who …

Los Angeles Kings Win First Stanley Cup

The Los Angeles Kings have won their first Stanley Cup in their 45 year history. The Kings also did something that is unheard of in professional sports today, they won Lord Stanley’s cup as the number 8 seed. in destroying …

Hockeyfights.com NHL Fight Of The Year Nominees
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The National Hockey League has come a long way in the last 8 years. From a lockout that was the first in professional American sports to cost a league an entire season, to the overwhelming popularity of the Winter Classic. …

Fan Sues Pittsburg Penguins Over Texts

An NHL fan is suing the Pittsburg Penguins over what he thinks are excessive text messages sent by the club as part of a promotional campaign. Fred Weiss says that he signed up to recieve texts that included special offers …

Racist Hockey Remarks Land Students In Hot Water
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In a follow up to a story I reported on last week, after the Bruins lost to the Capitals in a game 7 showdown, racist remarks flew in because the guy who scored the goal was black. Well, as it …

Bruins Fans Flood Twitter With Racist Remarks Bruins Fans Flood Twitter With Racist Remarks
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Hockey has a lot of great traditions like the handshake after a hard fought playoff series. Unfortunately another of hockey’s traditions is also racism. Several times in the past have racist remarks by players and fans, marred an otherwise awesome …

Stanley Cup Playoffs Get Their Own Foursquare Badge Stanley Cup Playoffs Get Their Own Foursquare Badge

Things are heating up on the ice, as the NHL’s best are in playoff mode. Yes, hockey fans, the Stanley Cup playoffs have arrived, and Foursquare has a brand new badge to celebrate. It’s simple – all you have to …

Sidney Crosby is Going Strong After Several Setbacks from a Concussion

Despite suffering concussion-like symptoms that side-lined him for almost a year, Sidney Crosby A.K.A. Sid the Kid has established that he is still a strong player. Crosby missed the first 20 games of the 2011–12 season due to the lingering …

Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter No Longer Uses Twitter Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter No Longer Uses Twitter
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First, we have a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader getting kicked off of Twitter for unknown reasons, and now, the daughter of the best hockey player to ever lace up skates has abandoned Twitter as well. What’s going on? Are attractive females …

NHL Joins NBA, NFL in Implementing Social Media Policy NHL Joins NBA, NFL in Implementing Social Media Policy

I love following athletes on Twitter. At its best, you get (what feels like) intimate access to their lives, which is really fun if you’re a sports fan. Plus, some athletes are genuinely funny. At its worst, you get guys …

YouTube To Stream NBA and NHL Games?
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Sports-seeking cord cutters might have reason to rejoice, or at least reason to hope:  there’s a possibility YouTube will become a major player in the way sporting events, specifically, the NBA and the NHL, will be consumed by their fans.

After the success YouTube enjoyed from streaming of cricket from the Indian Premier League, Google’s online video service is looking to expand its reach by including the NBA and NHL in their sports stream lineup.

MLB.com And NHL.com To Offer Bundled Subscription Package

Major League Baseball (MLB) and the National Hockey League (NHL) have teamed to offer each leagues games online via a bundled subscription.

Earlier this month, MLB.TV went on sale with its full-season package (March-October 2009) for $109.95, a $10 discount off the 2008 price. NHL will launch its standalone Race for the Cup service on February 16 for $79.95. The bundled subscription for the two leagues will be available February 16 for $139.95.

Yahoo Search Adds Hoops, Puck Shortcuts

The NBA and the NHL received their turn as Yahoo Search Shortcuts, with the sports-loving Yahoos providing the leagues with the same features enjoyed by baseball and football fans for MLB and the NFL.

NFL Drops The Ball With Online Video

Online video as a social marketing mechanism has hit full stride with the pervasive popularity of video-sharing site, YouTube. Network television and various record labels have begun to embrace the platform as a new and untapped advertising resource. The presence of major sports entities, however, remains fragmented.

The NHL and Youtube

Nice job by the National Hockey league, inking a deal with YouTube to distribute clips of highlights, and opening up its own “web channel.”

Google Video Gains Free NHL Videos

The NBA has terminated its sale of game videos on Google Video, a partnership that would have been ten months old tomorrow. That would typically indicate either dissatisfaction with Google’s video store model, the NBA wanting more money, or something else entirely (like the YouTube deal).

After Google, NBA Breakup, NHL Steps In

Google Video used to feature official NBA videos, but the deal that made this possible seems to have run its course. Sports fans aren’t entirely out of luck, though, because the NHL will be providing content to fill the void.

Pundits Talk, People Listen

When the hockey season began this year – after the lockout – the new salary cap shook up a lot of teams.

NHL Close to an iTunes Distribution Deal

Here comes sports for your video iPod. Now we’re talking.