Wayne Gretzky's Daughter No Longer Uses Twitter

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First, we have a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader getting kicked off of Twitter for unknown reasons, and now, the daughter of the best hockey player to ever lace up skates has abandoned Twitter as well. What's going on? Are attractive females who have attachments to sports become an endangered species on social media platforms like Twitter?

Much like Melissa Kellerman's disappearance, the reason for Paulina Gretzky's departure from Twitter are uncertain. The Associated Press weighed in, and speculated the elder Gretzky didn't appreciate his daughter's "friendly" approach with her Twitter followers. You see, unlike the Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, who didn't really say anything warranting a removal -- apparently, Jerry Jones wants his cheerleaders seen and not heard, or, at least, un-tweeted -- the younger Gretzky used her now-defunct Twitter account to post images like the one leading this article.

The Big Lead has more of her Twitter pictures, if you're interested in further investigation.

There may be more to the story than just a dad not wanting his daughter to post such images, however. According to a story quoted by WithLeather.com, a potential business deal may be what motivated her Twitter removal:

Paulina’s Twitter feed has been discontinued, and the Toronto Star is speculating that her father’s involvement in a potential purchase of the Toronto Maple Leafs might have something to do with it.

According to the Star, before shutting down her feed, Paulina tweeted, “Having a nice sit down dinner with my dad about social media..haha #SIKEEE.” She then signed off on Saturday, writing, “Taking a break from Twitter for a bit. Happy Holidays!!! xoxo.”

So, is this a case of a mad dad not wanting his daughter revealing her partying ways on Twitter or is this case of the elder Gretzky trying to protect a business deal by hiding the fun-loving behavior of his daughter? To be honest, both postions make sense, but considering Paulina's Twitter account survived her previous image postings, one begins to lean towards protecting a business deal.

If you're interested in seeing a collection of the images we'll be missing now that Paulina has stopped tweeting, make sure to check out the following slideshow. So long, Paulina. Your liberal approach to showing skin will be missed, especially by the sports blogs, and the Associated Press.