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GOP Florida Debate: Twitter Responds

Last night’s GOP debate in Florida will be the last debate for almost month. With a win apiece for 3 of the 4 candidates (Santorum in Iowa, Romney in New Hampshire, Gingrich in South Carolina), it was gloves-off time heading into the Florida primary. Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich have been giving each other body blows, sometimes through surrogates, all …

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Twitter Revs Up for GOP Debate in FL

Tonight at 8:00 PM on CNN, the remaining Republican presidential primary candidates go at it. Again. The debates and speeches get live-tweeted, and there’s a lot of fun to be had from that. But, some folks are hitting the Tweet button sooner than later. Including this guy… Newt Gingrich has a long record as a Washington insider & is the …

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Twitter Attitude In the GOP Primary

As the GOP primary has dragged on, one candidate after another has worn the Flavor o’ the Week hat in an attempt to dethrone Mr. 25%, Mitt Romney. Each candidate has tweeted, either personally or through proxy, about other candidates, about President Obama, or about how much they themselves are like Ronald Reagan. Most candidates keep their noses clean. “Macaca” …

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