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Lotto Winner Finds Ticket While Raking Leaves After Hurricane Sandy

Marvin Rosales Martinez’s year just got a lot better.Martinez recently told the New York Post how he became a lottery winner by accident.Martinez,a┬álandscaper in Long Island,was picking up some leaves after Hurricane Sandy when he found a million-dollar lottery ticket.He …

Man Pushed In Front Of Train; Pic Makes Cover Of Post
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In tragic and horrifying news out of New York today, police are searching for a man who was caught on camera pushing a man to his death onto subway tracks. The incident occurred around 12:30 on Monday; the victim, 58-year …

New York Post Celebrates Super Bowl Win New York Post Celebrates Super Bowl Win

What do you do when your team wins the Super Bowl? You would usually jump in a celebratory “hooray” and then go on with your business. The New York Post sees things differently. It wants the world to know that …

Oodle Grabs New York Post Deal
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The online classifieds at Rupert Murdoch’s Big Apple tabloid are getting a makeover, in an impressive little win for Oodle.

NY Post: Buy Sites, Not AdWords

The New York Post’s been a bit down on giving Google money for paid search lately. It may not be surprising to you that the NYP might be a little one-sided on this issue, even unnecessarily snarky, but there is, at least, an interesting concept presented: buying sites with good natural rankings to avoid AdWords altogether.

NYPost.com Suffering DNS Issue

Attempts to visit the New York Post’s website are being redirected to another domain, WebFile.com, and the Post’s technical company doesn’t want to talk about it.