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Alien Planet Found That Raises Many Questions

A new planet has been discovered, one that is approximately eleven times the size of our own gas giant, Jupiter. The massive planet has been named HD 106906 b. What’s so special about the newly discovered exo-planet? According to calculations, HD 106906 b has the most distant known orbit of any planet around a sun. The massive size of the …

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New “Super Earth” Planet Discovered in Six-Planet System

U.K. and German Astronomers announced this week that they have discovered a new “super Earth” planet that could, conceivably, have an Earth-like climate. The planet exists in the habitable zone of a nearby star called HD 40307 and is part of a six-planet system. The system was previously believed to have only three planets, each too close to the star …

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Watery Super-Earth Found With Hubble Telescope

NASA has supplied these images of what they are calling GJ 1214b. Others have adopted the name “water world” to describe the watery planet. Discovered in 2009, it was one of the first planets identified that actually has an atmosphere. A subsequent 2010 inspection of the planet suggested that the atmosphere contained a great deal of water. In other words, …

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