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Hulu Traffic Surpasses the Networks for First Time
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Compete is pointing to some interesting data, and suggesting that Hulu’s "evil plot to take over the world" might just be working. The popular video site has surpassed NBC, FOX and ABC’s websites in traffic for the first time. And that was last month.

"The networks’ traffic declined during the summer rerun season, but Hulu seems relatively unaffected," notes Compete’s Seth Madison.

IAC Taps Silverman For New Media Venture

Ben Silverman, co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, is leaving the company in the fall to start a new venture with Barry Diller’s media and Internet company, IAC.

NBC has named Jeff Gaspin, chief operating officer of Universal Television Group, as chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment.

Comic-Con Booths Lure Fans Via Twitter
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All of geekdom has descended upon the city of San Diego, California for Comic-Con 2009. The four-day event, which showcases everything from action figures to theatrical coming attractions, is the highlight of the year for many fanboys.

Are you attending Comic-Con today? Let us know.

Microsoft Goes Live on Hulu for Bingathon
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With the recent rollout of Bing, the newest search engine from Microsoft, advertisements were to be expected… but just what is a Bingathon?

The Bingathon is an all day infomercial / live show that will be hosted by Olivia Munn (G4’s Attack of the Show!) and Jason Sudeikis (NBC’s Saturday Night Live) on June 8th at 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PST).

Twitters Set Up ‘Twitition’ To Save Earl
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If you’re a fan of the TV show “My Name Is Earl” and you haven’t yet heard the news, wipe your Cheetos fingers so you don’t get orange stripes on your face after I tell you this: NBC just cancelled it.

Yes, I know we still don’t know who Earl Jr.’s real daddy is, but there’s still hope. A Twitition (Twitter petition) is already under way.

NBC Pounding YouTube Motherlovers
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Saturday Night Live fans were treated to a special Mother’s Day collaboration from pop star Justin Timberlake and resident viral video maven Andy Samberg. But if fans wanted to share that video with others, YouTube was not on NBC’s approved sharing list.

General Electric lawyers must have been very busy Sunday with DMCA takedown notices flying at YouTube and YouTube users so fast they must have developed some sort of script just for that purpose. As of today, what used to be uploads of “Motherlover” are now notices of deletion.

EveryZing Partners with NBC Universal on Video Search
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Video ZEO firm EveryZing has closed an $8.25 Million round of funding from its existing investors, which include Fairhaven Capital, General Catalyst Partners, Accel Partners and BBN Technologies. EveryZing has also added GE and NBC Universal’s Peacock Equity Fund as an investor.

EveryZing will also be deploying its universal search and publishing solutions across a number of NBCU’s Internet properties. The goal is to improve the video search experience for some major media sites.

Disney Acquires A Stake In Hulu

Disney has announced it has acquired a stake in Hulu that is thought to be as high as 30% according to the folks over at Mashable. Disney has now joined NBC Universal and News Corp. in this venture.

The momentum this gives the video site is very real as it looks to jump on a position in the market that perhaps YouTube may be too late to the game on. YouTube has just started to strike deals with the major media producers and their lineup of available programs to watch is not as impressive as Hulu’s.

Hulu Getting Stingy with Sharing Content
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Update 4: The Hulu/Boxee saga continues. Since the last update, Boxee has started a Twitter account dedicated to letting users know the status of Hulu on Boxee:

Is Hulu on Boxee - Twitter Account

YouTube Owes SNL For Its Success?
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Here’s what we know: Before MTV put its video library online, YouTube was the go-to place for music videos; before Viacom sued now-in-Google’s-deep-pockets-YouTube, NBC had beef over a particular Saturday Night Live sketch appearing on a still virally-promoted, user-generated video site only trend setters and trend watchers were aware of.

YouTube To Stream Full-Length Feature Films

The most popular video site on the web, YouTube has long been in negotiations with movie studios to stream full-length feature films. And while there are still a lot of details to be hammered out, sources say that the deal could be complete in thirty to ninety days, according to CNET reports today.

NBC Redefines Its Local Sites

NBC is launching new local sites in cities across the United States, targeted at "locals only" to help them stay connected with what is going on in their respective cities.

NBC Olympics Coverage Proves Online Video’s Importance
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NBCNBC Sports had a good run with online video during the Olympics to say the least. They reported that they streamed over 12 million hours of Olympics content across its digital platforms, with 7 million visitors watching over 30 millions streams of live and Video On Demand content at NBCOlympics.com.

NBC Decides Not to Miss Out On the Apple Pie

NBC UniversalYou can tell that NBC Universal (NBC U) really appreciates the opportunities that the Internet can present them with.

Google Gets More Integrated Into TV Advertising
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NBC UniversalAs more television makes the transition to the Internet, Google is doing its part to bring a little of the Internet back to television. It is doing so through a newly signed deal with NBC Universal (NBCU) in a move to help NBCU attract "new kinds" of advertisers.

Hulu Getting TV Before TV Gets TV
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In what could be a big push for Hulu and online video in general, NBC has decided to release new episodes of a few of its shows on Hulu before they even air on television.

China Produced More Web Traffic For Olympics Than The US

Daily online traffic on the web site of China’s largest broadcaster surpassed that of the leading U.S. broadcaster and online channel during the Olympics, according to WebTrends Analytics.

Olympic Audiences Still Prefer Yahoo Over NBC
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We’ve seen several upsets thanks to the Summer Games, and they haven’t all involved athletes.  NBC, for example, seems to have lost to Yahoo in the competition for online audiences.

Chinese Watch Olympics Online At Work
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Large numbers of Chinese are going online to watch the Olympics while at work as employers prevent them from watching the events on television.

In a survey by marketing company Carat China, half of respondent said they watch the Olympics online while at work. Online live streaming or replays of the Games increased on weekdays when fans were not able to watch television due to work.

Fans Flock Online For Olympic Coverage
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With the first week of the 2008 Beijing Olympics completed, Nielsen Online has released a report on how fans around the globe used the Internet to follow the games.

Fans in 10 countries visited Beijing2008.cn, the official web site of Beijing games, at a rate of 930,000 per day, with traffic surpassing one million unique visitors on a number of days, as they searched for Olympic results, news and video.

Online Olympic Traffic Favoring Yahoo Over NBC
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Numbers reflecting traffic to NBC’s Olympics-related sites have been released, and despite protests about Tibet and time delays, they’re looking rather impressive.  The one problem, as far as NBC’s concerned: Yahoo’s numbers appear to be even better.