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Google Moves Further Away From Keyword Dependence Google Moves Further Away From Keyword Dependence
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It seems that June, for Google, was all about improving how the search engine deals with natural language. On Friday, Google released a giant list of changes it made over the course of June and July. There were 86 entries …

10 Natural Language Search Improvements Google Has Recently Made 10 Natural Language Search Improvements Google Has Recently Made
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Late on Friday, Google finally unveiled its “search quality highlights” lists for both June and July in one fell swoop. In all, there were 86 changes to wade through, and we’re still wading. You can see the whole list here. …

Bing Shopping Gets Natural Language Price Constraint Feature
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Bing has announced a new natural language search feature for Bing Shopping results. With the new capabilitiy, users should be able to use words like "under $100" or "under $50" along with their keywords to get relevant results for products that match such descriptions. 

10 Details About How Google Handles Natural Language Search
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Google has posted a thought-provoking piece to the Official Google Blog, discussing at length, Google’s system for understanding synonyms in search. As author Steven Baker says, "An irony of computer science is that tasks humans struggle with can be performed easily by computer programs, but tasks humans can perform effortlessly remain difficult for computers."

How Important is Natural Language to the Future of Search?

Where Google is a search engine, and Bing is a "decision engine," Ask.com seeks to be an answer engine. Ask thinks the future of search is in questions and answers. This means, you should be able to ask a direct question and get a specific answer, rather than pages of results, which can lead you to finding the answer on your own.

Searching for Answers Google Doesn’t Have
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A new way of searching is on the way, and will come under the label Wolfram Alpha. This is a "knowledge engine" built by Stephen Wolfram, which allows users to ask questions and receive a single definitive answer rather than a page of results pointing to pages that may or may not have the answers they are looking for.

Microsoft Confirms Powerset Acquisition
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Satya Nadella, the senior vice president of Microsoft’s Search, Portal & Advertising Platform Group, isn’t afraid to admit that the current crop of search engines suffer from some problems.  Nadella seems to be hoping, however, that his company’s acquisition of Powerset will help it solve them.

Powerset: The Robot Ninja Search Engine

Powerset, a company that focuses on “natural language search,” recently discussed its to-be-released-in-September search engine, and there’s some very interesting stuff going on.  Very interesting, and very hard to understand.

Powerset Makes Powerful Impressions

Powerset has yet to launch, but a few sneak previews have shown some promising results; true “natural language” search appears to be well on its way.

Powerset Seems Powerful
Powerset Seems Powerful