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Automated Insights: Computers May Not Replace Human Writers, As Long As Perspectives Exist

There are companies currently providing machine-generated content to various sites and businesses – articles created by machines rather than humans. Some wonder if the future of journalism is auto-generated content, and if journalists will be out of jobs because of it. We’ve written about Narrative Science, one such company, several times. This week, we spoke with Robbie Allen, CEO of …

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Can Machines Produce Authoritative Search Results?

If the future of journalism is machine-produced content, it may face one major obstacle – search engine visibility. We’ve written about Narrative Science, a company whose business just happens to be providing such content, several times. In fact, earlier today, we posted a piece about the company’s attempt at bursting the “filter bubble“. We’ve also been paying a lot of …

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Do You Want Your News Written And Personalized By Robots?

I find Narrative Science to be a fascinating company for a variety of reasons, and the more I read about them, the more fascinated I am. I really don’t know if what they’re doing is going to change the future of news or not. I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but I have to hand it to them for coming …

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Narrative Science, The Robotic Content Farm, Is Looking At More Languages

Have you read about Narrative Science? This is a company that is creating web articles using computers. We’ve referenced them on more than one occasion as a “robotic content farm”. It makes you wonder where we’re headed in terms of web content? Will our jobs become obsolete as the content machines rise or will that human element always be needed? …

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Narrative Science, The Robotic Content Farm, Generates Articles From Tweets

We first reported on Narrative Science at the height of the big content farm discussion, prior to Google’s release of the Panda Update about a year ago. We asked if the next wave of content farms would eliminate humans, as what Narrative Science does, is produce stories from computers. “We tell the story behind the data,” its description said. “Our …

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