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Randall Kerrick: NC Police Officer Charged with Manslaughter

Around 2:30 AM Saturday, 24 year old Jonathan Ferrell approached the nearest house and started knocking on the door “viciously”. Ferrell had wrecked approximately .5 miles down the road and stopped at the nearest house to ask for help. The woman at home approached the door, expecting her husband to be returning home from work. When she saw Ferrell, the …

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Ben Jealous Resigns as President of the NAACP

Benjamin Todd Jealous announced on Sunday that he will be stepping down as president of the United States civil rights organization, the NAACP. He has given his resignation after serving as president of the organization for five years. “The NAACP has always been the largest civil rights organization in the streets, and today it is also the largest civil rights …

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Ben Jealous Gives Notice At NAACP

NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous gave notice to the organization’s Board of Directors on Sunday. Jealous, who has been with the organization for five years, will carry his current position through the end of 2013. He will formally announce the move to his staff Monday morning. Roslyn M. Brock, Board Chairman, thanked Jealous for his leadership, “We thank …

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