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Firefox 7 Download Now Available from Mozilla Firefox 7 Download Now Available from Mozilla
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Mozilla has launched Firefox 7 for Windows, Mac and Linux. It comes with speed improvements and tools for developers to create faster sites and apps. “Firefox manages memory more efficiently to deliver a nimble Web browsing experience,” Mozilla says. “Users …

Firefox 6 Next Tuesday? Firefox 6 Next Tuesday?
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If there aren’t a new batch of bugs discovered between this weekend and Tuesday, the 16th of August, Firefox fans and users alike can expect a new version of the browser to be available. As pointed out by Maximum PC, …

Mozilla Promises Faster Firefox 7 Mozilla Promises Faster Firefox 7
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While Firefox is still looked upon fondly, especially as an alternative to Internet Explorer, it has long been plagued by memory use issues. Things like memory leaks and resource hogging have gone hand-in-hand with Mozilla’s browser. Currently, the browser is …

Web Apps to Get More Useful Web Apps to Get More Useful
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Google announced via the Chromium blog that it is working on the Web Intents framework, which will essentially manifest itself as an API that will allow web apps to communicate with one another, similar to how Android apps can. The …

Is Mozilla Building A Web OS? Is Mozilla Building A Web OS?
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While the downfall of the desktop operating system has been foretold since the before the days of Gmail’s launch, the industry hangs on. Sure, mobile device operating systems and netbooks have increased in uptake, but home computing is still dominated …

Firefox Stands Up For MafiaaFire Redirector Firefox Stands Up For MafiaaFire Redirector
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As many of you know, The Department of Homeland Security, besides protecting the safety of our homeland as the name implies, is also in the habit of defending web domain seizures conducted by ICE. While the reason why these two …

Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June Firefox 5 Release Date Expected For June
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Firefox 5 is expected to be released on June 21. Last year, Google launched an initiative to crank out new versions of Chrome very quickly. Mozilla seems to be trying to keep up. It’s been speculated that Firefox users can …

Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million Firefox 4 Downloads Surpass 50 Million
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The Firefox 4 web browser has proven to be a big hit for Mozilla. At the time of this writing, 52,204,769 people have downloaded Firefox 4. Europe has the highest number of users with 20,365,540. North America has 16,688,275, and …

Firefox 4 for Android Reviews Mixed

Mozilla released Firefox 4 for Android to mixed reviews. The above video makes it seem pretty nice, but there are more than a few complaints – among the biggest – a lack of Flash support. “Firefox for mobile allows users …

Firefox 4 Infographic Details First 48 Hours
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While they may never top Internet Explorer’s market share — it’s hard to top a program that comes pre-installed on all Windows-environment computers — that doesn’t mean the folks at Mozilla won’t make the most of their latest Firefox browser …

Firefox 4 Hits 9 Million Downloads a Day After Release Firefox 4 Hits 9 Million Downloads a Day After Release

A Day after Mozilla released Firefox 4 for download, the browser has been downloaded over 9 million times. Most downloads seem to be coming from North America and Europe. As a matter of fact, at the time of this writing, …

Firefox 4 Review: Many Likes, Few Dislikes
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Disclaimer: I am already a usual Firefox user.  Internet Explorer and I had a nasty divorce a few years ago, and despite people telling me how much better it has gotten, I still can’t convince myself to go back.  I’ve …

Firefox 4 Launch Date Of March 22nd Likely
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Internet Explorer 9, the newest (finalized) Web browser around, may not have much time left in which to enjoy that title.  Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Mozilla, has indicated that Firefox 4 will launch on March 22nd …

Mozilla Introduces “Do Not Track”, Hopes to Make It Industry Standard
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Mozilla has proposed a "do not track" browser feature, which would allow Firefox users to opt out of any third-party ad-based tracking. Such a feature would work by transmitting a Do Not Track HTTP header with each click or page view in the browser.

Alex Fowler the Global Privacy and Public Policy Leader at Mozilla, writes on his personal blog

Latest Firefox Beta Available for Testing

Mozilla announced today that the next major version of Firefox is ready for testing. That would be Firefox 4 beta, and Mozilla says it includes faster start-up time and bookmarking, and that it caters to smoother complex animations. 

February Launch Planned For Firefox 4

There’s lots left to do, and nothing’s guaranteed, but it seems Firefox 4 will arrive in less than 50 days if all goes according to plan.  Word’s come straight from Damon Sicore, Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Mozilla.

Mozilla Promotes Firefox 4 With Red Panda “Cub Cam”
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The Chrome and Internet Explorer teams can talk all they want about supposed advances in speed, compatibility, and/or advanced features.  Right now, Mozilla’s software has an edge, as the organization’s using two red panda cubs to promote Firefox 4.

Nexus Two Rumored To Be Coming In Less Than 2 Weeks
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Rumor has it that the Nexus Two will be announced at a press conference on November 8th in New York. The announcement would come from Google and Samsung together, and the device would be he first to ship with the next version of Android – version 2.3 aka: Gingerbread. It would also be available on more than one carrier. 

Mozilla Introduces Gary Kovacs As New CEO
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There will soon be a new general (or even supreme commander) in the browser war.  Mozilla announced today that Gary Kovacs, who’s currently employed by SAP, will assume the title of "Mozilla CEO" starting November 8th.

Kovacs has an impressive resume.  Aside from SAP, he’s worked at Sybase, Adobe, Macromedia, Zi Corporation, and IBM, meaning he’s familiar with lots of tech and the inner workings of companies large and small.

Mozilla Launches New Version of Firefox Home iPhone App

Mozilla announced that its Firefox Home app is now available in more languages worldwide. Firefox Home lets iPhone and iPod Touch users sync their Firefox browsing history, bookmarks, andopen tabs to their mobile device. 

Users can use the app to search, open links in Safari, email the URL, or copy the URL. 

Firefox Panorama Search in the Making

Microsoft isn’t the only one doing interesting things with its browser. Mozilla’s Aza Raskin has an interesting proof-of-concept video for searching on Firefox Panorama.