Firefox Users Have Downloaded 3 Billion Add-Ons Since 2004

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One of the major things that people like to complain about in Firefox is that their add-ons don't work. An ex-Mozilla staffer confirmed the hate when he revealed that most users complain about their add-ons being incompatible after each new update. Add-ons are also the source of massive memory leaks in Firefox. Despite all the headaches that add-ons give us, we can't stop downloading them.

The Mozilla team announced today that Firefox users have downloaded a cumulative 3 billion add-ons. The add-on was introduced in 2004 as a way of extending the Firefox experience beyond what we have to come to expect. Add-on downloads got another boost in 2009 when Mozilla introduced them for the mobile version of Firefox.

Firefox Users 3 Billion Downloads

One reason as to why add-ons are so popular could be that over 85 percent of all Firefox users have at least one installed. Add-on users also have an average of five add-ons installed. As for most popular add-ons, it's a cavalcade of regulars - AdBlock Plus, Firebug, NoScript, Personas Plus and VideoDownloaderHelper.

To celebrate this undoubtedly momentous occasion, the team at Firefox has created a lovely infographic. Check it out:

Firefox Users 3 Billion Add-Ons

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