Mozilla And Facebook Testing Social API In Firefox Beta

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Mozilla has had a hand in developing many of the Web APIs that Chrome, Firefox and others have been implementing over the last year. The non-profit company is now developing its latest Web API that has the potential to make a big splash on the Web.

Mozilla announced today that they're working with Facebook to bring their new Social API to Firefox Beta in the coming weeks. In essence, the API allows developers to integrate deep social experiences right into the browser without the need of plugins. Here's how Mozilla describes it:

Much like the OpenSearch standard, the Social API enables developers to integrate social services into the browser in a way that is meaningful and helpful to users. As services integrate with Firefox via the Social API sidebar, it will be easy for you to keep up with friends and family anywhere you go on the Web without having to open a new Web page or switch between tabs. You can stay connected to your favorite social network even while you are surfing the Web, watching a video or playing a game.

Facebook will be partnering with Mozilla in the initial beta test. That means that beta testers will be able to access Facebook messenger in the Social API. Now Facebook users can chat it up with their friends without having to be on Facebook proper.

Facebook is just the beginning. Mozilla wants the Social API to be one of the centerpieces of the Firefox experience by "integrating social networks, email, finance, news and other applications."

You can read up on the Social API here before it's introduced in the upcoming beta. I'm sure developers are already thinking up ways to take advantage of the new API.

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