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Tag: Mozilla

Firefox 121 Will Enable Wayland Support By Default
Firefox 121 will include a significant change for Linux users, enabling Wayland support by default....
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Mozilla Is Bringing Desktop Extensions to the Android Version of Firefox
Mozilla's Firefox is about to become the most full-featured browser available on Android with full support for the extensions that are available on th...
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Mozilla: Slack May Finally Give Users the Ability to Block Others
Mozilla is cautiously praising Slack for finally adding features designed to help users protect themselves from harassment....
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Mozilla Buys Fakespot to Add Trusted Shopping Tools to Firefox
Mozilla announced it has purchased Fakespot in an effort to add trusted shopping tools to the Firefox web browser....
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Firefox and Twitter Aren’t Playing Nice
Users are experiencing major issues with Twitter and Firefox, in many cases completely unable to log in with the open-source browser....
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Mozilla Prepping a Non-Webkit Version of Firefox for iOS
Google isn't the only company prepping a non-Webkit version of its browser, with Mozilla taking similar action....
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Mozilla Acquires Pulse Team for Machine Learning Projects
Mozilla has acquired the Pulse team, a group of developers behind a popular Slack status update tool of the same name....
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Mozilla Releases Firefox Translation, a Local, Non-Cloud Extension
Mozilla has released a local, non-cloud translation extension, Firefox Translation, providing a private and secure alternative....
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Don’t Waste Time on YouTube’s Dislike Button; It Doesn’t Work
YouTube users smashing the "Dislike" button are likely wasting their time, according to new research from Mozilla....
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T-Mobile’s Account Takeover Protection Uses PIN to Protect Accounts
T-Mobile has unveiled Account Takeover Protection, using PIN numbers to protect lines from being migrated out by bad actors....
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PSA: Update Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird, and Focus Immediately
Mozilla has issued updates for Firefox, Firefox for Android, Thunderbird, and Firefox Focus to fix two vulnerabilities being actively exploited in the...
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Salesforce Faces Employee Backlash Over NFT Plans
Salesforce employees are pushing back against the company's plan to create an NFT platform....
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Mozilla and Meta Team Up on Privacy-Respecting Ad Tech
Mozilla and Meta have teamed up in one of the most unlikely pairings, in an effort to create privacy-respecting ad tech....
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Mozilla Killing Off Firefox Reality
Mozilla has announced it is killing off Firefox Reality, the company's foray into virtual reality....
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Mozilla VPN Gets Major Privacy Upgrades
Mozilla has updated its VPN service, providing significant privacy improvements over past versions....
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Wikipedia the Latest to Face Pressure to Stop Accepting Crypto
Pressure is mounting on Wikipedia to stop accepting crypto, amid criticism of its environmental impact....
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Mozilla Backtracks on Accepting Crypto After Backlash
Mozilla has put the brakes on accepting crypto donations after facing severe backlash, including from one of its original founders....
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Mozilla Founder Jamie Zawinski Lambasts Mozilla’s Crypto Move
Jamie "jwz" Zawinski, has lambasted the organization he helped found for announcing it will accept cryptocurrency donations....
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Mozilla to Pass $500 Million in 2021 As Other Services Take Off
Mozilla is closing in on a major milestone, set to pass $500 million in 2021 revenue as the company’s other services gain ground....
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EFF: Google Chrome’s ‘Manifest V3 is Deceitful and Threatening’
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is calling out Google’s Manifest V3 (MV3) browser extension plans, calling them “deceitful and threatenin...
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