Mozilla Thimble Makes Web Page Design Simple

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If you're reading this, that means that you consume the Web in some fashion. You read, watch and play with all sorts of neat things all over the Internet. Do you create the Web though? A lot less people do that because code is complicated. Mozilla has an answer and it might help turn the Web from a culture of consumption to a culture of creation.

Mozilla has announced the launch of Thimble. Now what is Thimble besides a poorly laid out metaphor for kissing in Peter Pan? In the words of Mozilla's Matt Thompson:

It’s an intuitive visual editor that lets you write and edit HTML right in your browser, preview and correct your work, and then publish and share fully functional web pages with a single click.

That actually sounds pretty amazing. One of the major hurdles of developing in HTML is that you can't actually see what your Web site looks like until you're finishing with the code. There's not a lot of options out there either in terms of plugins that allow you to see the changes being made by your code in real time. Thimble appears to rectify both of these issues.

While Thimble is great for the programmer who wants a simultaneous code/visual editor, it's even better for the amateur or the guy who doesn't know a single thing about HTML programming. It includes a number of starter projects that will help coders at any skill level get started on coding and making Web pages.

On top of the Thimble announcement, Mozilla has also rolled out a new Web site for Webmaker. It's tied together with Thimble to give amateurs all the tools they need to start making Web pages in seconds. It also contains separate projects that netizens will want to take a look at including tweaking blog templates, creating interactive videos and making 3D Web pages.

To join in on Google's Summer of Code, Mozilla has announced the Summer Code Party. The key difference between the two is that everyone is invited to Mozilla's party. It starts on June 23 and signals the beginning of the "Global Weekend of Code" that will encourage people from all over the world to develop Web pages with friends and family.

If you want to get started on your own Thimble project, you can head over to the Web site right now to get creating. It promises to be simple and easy enough that even the most coding illiterate person can learn how to code as long as they apply themselves.

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