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Syria: Latest Global Responses and Developments

After announcing his intentions to intervene militarily in the Syrian crisis, President Barack Obama is working on building support before Congress reconvenes on 9 September and discusses the President’s resolution. In the meantime, other nations and organizations are communicating an …

Moroccan Rape Victim Commits Suicide After Marrying Her Attacker

Moroccan news reports say that a 16 year-old girl, Amina Filali, has committed suicide after being forced to marry her attacker by a judge’s ruling. The teenager reportedly swallowed rat poison in protest to the marriage. In Moroccan culture, it …

Facebook Prince Faker Pardoned In Morocco
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The young man who created a fake Facebook profile and presented himself as a prince received a present on Aid Mawlid Nabaoui, the holiday marking the birth of the Prophet Mohammed.

Phony Facebook Profile Lands Man In Jail
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A Moroccan computer engineer has been sentenced to prison for three years for creating a phony Facebook profile that impersonated a member of the country’s royal family.

The sentence was handed down on Friday by a court in Casablanca, which found the 26 year old, Fouad Mourtada guilty of  "usurping the identity of of HRH Prince Moulay Rachid." The court also fined Mourtada $1,300.

Morocco May Be Blocking YouTube

Reports of YouTube’s unavailability in Morocco has raised fears that the government is censoring access to the video sharing site.