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Twitter Tips Big Ecommerce Move

Rumor has it, Twitter is planning a big move into the realm of ecommerce – and this is a pretty big hint that the company is headed in that direction. A handful of users spotted something interesting in their mobile settings today – a ‘Payment & Shipping’ tab buried betwixt other security preferences. When tapped, it doesn’t do anything…yet. Check …

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Google Says Its New Mobile PLA Style Will Drive More Traffic To Retailers

Google announced that it is changing the way the mobile PLA (product listing ads) ad unit looks on Google.com. The update is designed to help shoppers browse and discover merchandise more easily while using their mobile device. “People are increasingly turning to their mobile devices as shopping assistants at home, in stores, and on the go, and constant connectivity is …

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Consumers are Spending Billions Through Their Tablets

Last week, analyst predictions asserted that tablet shipments could reach 145 million in 2013. The market for tablets is only swelling, and now research firm ABI Research is predicting that an additional 1 billion tablets will be shipped over the next five years. Even more interesting, though, is ABI’s research into how much consumers are spending through their devices. According …

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Jumio Brings Simplified Shopping To Android With Netswipe Mobile

Mobile shopping is huge. That much was clear in some pre-holiday statistics from Google that said holiday shoppers demanded the same experience across both mobile and desktop. One of the things standing in the way of that is making checkout easier on mobile, but a solution is now available for merchants with Android apps. Jumio announced this morning that its …

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The Social Mobile Shopping World [Infographic]

We all know that the internet has taken the place of the good old fashioned passtime of window shopping. There’s no need to wander the streets gazing into window displays or searching for new products in the stores that line the mall. Just log onto your computer and let the shopping begin. In fact, logging onto your computer isn’t even …

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How We’re Using Our Mobile Devices [Nielsen Study]

With over half of America already using smartphones and about 20% owning tablet computers, it’s interesting to take a look at how we are using these devices, and also how they are changing our lives. This is what Nielsen set out to do with their latest study, and guess what what they found out? Well, like any good research effort, …

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