Consumers are Spending Billions Through Their Tablets


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Last week, analyst predictions asserted that tablet shipments could reach 145 million in 2013. The market for tablets is only swelling, and now research firm ABI Research is predicting that an additional 1 billion tablets will be shipped over the next five years.

Even more interesting, though, is ABI's research into how much consumers are spending through their devices. According to the firm's survey, 22% of U.S. tablet owners are spending $50 or more per month through their tablets. 9% of U.S. tablet owners are spending $100 or more per month. ABI points out that these spending levels are far higher than those seen for smartphones.

“Tablets are quickly becoming the go-to transaction screen within the home,” said Jeff Orr, mobile devices senior practice director at ABI.

ABI stated that tablet spending hasn't yet impacted physical retailers, who are concerned about "showroom" shoppers who use physical stores to shop, ask questions, and compare features before leaving to make their purchase online. The research showed that over half of consumers who shop on tablets had done price checking, used a coupon, and made a location-based search in the past three months.

“The opportunity to keep consumers buying in-store squarely remains with the retailer," said Orr. "So far, the presence of a media tablet during the shopping experience has not altered the sales channel where consumers finally buy products,”