Twitter Tips Big Ecommerce Move

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Rumor has it, Twitter is planning a big move into the realm of ecommerce – and this is a pretty big hint that the company is headed in that direction.

A handful of users spotted something interesting in their mobile settings today – a 'Payment & Shipping' tab buried betwixt other security preferences. When tapped, it doesn't do anything...yet. Check it out:

Last month, users spotted a 'Buy Now' button inside tweets, apparently coming from shopping app Fancy. Of course, having the ability to buy stuff by simply tapping a button inside a tweet would be huge for mobile shopping. Like Facebook's own recently announced Buy Button, the little temptations could appear inside promoted posts and give advertisers a huge incentive to promote their goods and services on Twitter.

Twitter has also made some relevant acquisitions as of late, fanning the rumor flames even further.

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