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Google Gives Mobile Users a Link to Popular Images
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Google has introduced a new feature for its mobile Image Search offering. The feature is "Popular Images," and lets Android and iPhone users browse popular images (go figure).

The Popular Images feature comes in the form of a link just under the search box on the Google Image Search page. When clicked, it brings up a categorized list of image searches and corresponding images.

Google Tailors Mobile Search Suggestions to Location
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Google has launched search suggestions based on geographical location for iPhone and Android devices. This is currently only available in the United States.

"Typing a query into the search box on a phone can often be slow and difficult," says Google’s Mobile Engineering Team. "For this reason, relevant search suggestions that match your intended query can meaningfully reduce the time and effort it takes to submit a search."

The iPhone Gets a New Google Mobile App

Google announced that the new version of its Google Mobile app for the iPhone was approved and is now available in the App Store. The new version includes a redesigned search results display that shows more results at once. It also opens web pages from the results within the app.

Ensuring Your Site is Indexed in Google’s Mobile Search
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In this day and age, you pretty much can’t ignore mobile users. The rate at which consumers are accessing the web via mobile devices is growing rapidly, largely thanks to the increasing popularity and production of smartphones.

Just having a mobile site isn’t even enough. Sure, it’s a great start, but you have to start thinking about a mobile site just as you would a regular site. Can people find it? Just because you have a good ranking in Google does not mean that your mobile site has a good ranking in Google’s mobile search engine, or is even indexed at all.

Google Launches Custom Search For Smartphones

Google has launched Custom Search for smartphones. This means that if you own a site and add a Google Custom Search box to it, it will format search results to fit the screens of supported mobile devices.

The following devices are supported:

Google Gives Mobile Searchers More Options
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As you may recall, Google launched its "search options" feature earlier this year. This is a set of filtering options users can engage for their search results. They include things like blogs, books, images, video, forum results, timeframe, etc.

Google Revamps Mobile Local Search Experience
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Google has launched a new version of local search for mobile. This version heavily utilizes Google Maps to make organization of results easier on your phone.

The new local search for mobile lets you find business listings on Google Maps while you’re on your computer, where you can "star" them. Once you star them, you can easily find your starred listings grouped together from your phone, making it easy to keep the listings you need while you’re out, together. This can potentially make errand running a lot easier, as demonstrated in the video below.

Google Makes Language-Based Product Announcements
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Today Google made a couple of announcements involving the expansion of offerings into more languages. They’ve announced that the new optimized SERP pages for iPhones, Android devices, and feature phones are now available in over 60 countries and 38 languages. In addition, the company has announced an advanced translation feature in the newest release of Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

The Mobile SERPs

Mobile Marketing Will Likely Become Unavoidable
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A recent study showed that spending for mobile advertising was expected to reach over $760 million in 2009. That’s about 20% more than last year. Do you dedicate any portion of your budget to mobile marketing? Let WebProNews readers know.

Opera Reports on Mobile Search Usage

Opera released its newest State of the Mobile Web report, which includes a spotlight on search engine usage on the mobile web.

Are You Marketing via Mobile?
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According to a study at eMarketer, worldwide spending for mobile search advertising in 2009 is expected to be more than $760 million.  In case you haven’t been keeping track, that’s up almost 20% from last year’s total and by 2012, we’re looking at 2.4 billion… with a ‘b’.  Mobile is big and getting bigger.

iPhone: Fun Facts and Apps of the Day
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As you are probably aware, Apple announced last week that the iPhone 3G S would go on sale this Friday. Phone recycler Gazelle tells WebProNews that 300 iPhones were traded into its site that day alone.

Saving Money on the iPhone Upgrade

Google Announces Mobile Product Search Results

Today Google announced Google Product Search for Mobile. Android and iPhone users will now be able to type a product query into Google.com and get Google Product Search Results formatted for their phones.

Microsoft Throwing Another Log Onto the Brand Fire

Here we go again with the whirlwind of search engine brands from Microsoft. Joseph Tartakoff with paidContent.org is reporting that Microsoft has trademarked what appears to be a new brand name of an upcoming mobile search engine. And that name is "Sift." He writes:

Tips for Getting Serious About Mobile Marketing
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Cindy KrumThe Mobile Marketing Strategies session at Search Engine Strategies New York focused on mobile SEO, while also touching on driving traffic and conversions with mobile applications, text messaging and mobile email.

Google Changes Mobile Image Results Pages
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Google has launched new image results pages for Android, iPhone, and iPod Touch devices in the US, the UK, and Japan. With the new results, users can scan up to 20 images on a single results pageand get details for images of interest.

Mobile Local Search Advertising to Reach $1.3 Billion?
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Shortcovers on iPhoneThe number of people using mobile devices to get content is on the way up.

Google Introduces AdSense for Mobile Search
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Today Google announced AdSense for mobile search, not to be confused with AdSense for mobile content, which the company released back in 2007. AdSense for mobile search is a way for mobile network operators and mobile website owners to embed a Google search box on their mobile portals and web sites.

Search from Android By Speaking
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Google is rolling out an update for the T-Mobile G1 in the US starting this week. With this update, users will be able to use their voices for searching. The feature will be integrated into the Android browser and the home screen search widget.

To use the voice search function:

1. On the home screen search widget, look for the microphone button next to the search box and search button (as pictured below).

Tons of Holiday Google Mobile Tips – Video Style

In an effort to spread some holiday cheer and perhaps some more Google Mobile use, Google is posting a number of holiday video tips for using the Google Mobile service. For instance, here are a couple of mildly amusing videos of Santa using Google Mobile to figure out how to give himself the Heimlich maneuver after he begins to choke, and finding a locksmith when he can’t gain entrance into someone’s home. For some reason, he’s delivering presents in the middle of the day.

‘Tis The Season for Google Mobile Tips
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As Doug talked about the other day, Google is counting down the days until January 01, 2009. They’re doing so by providing tips for various Google products. Google Mobile has its own countdown providing a tip a day specifically for using it until the New Year as well.

Google Mobile Countdown