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Google Wants You to Have a Faster Mobile Internet

Google Wants You to Have a Faster Mobile Internet So they’re throwing billions of dollars at the problem to make sure you get it. Setting: You’re sitting there waiting on your bus/waiting on your fajitas/waiting on your spouse to get out of the shower and so you pull out your reliable smartphone to check out what’s going on in the …

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AT&T Threatens Man Who Won Small Claims Lawsuit

Late last month we brought you the story of Matt Spaccarelli, the iPhone user who sued AT&T in small claims court for throttling his “unlimited” data connection after around 2GB of data use (which, for the record, is less data than those who pay for AT&T’s top-level limited data plan). A California judge ordered AT&T to pay Spaccarelli $850 for …

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iPhone User Wins Throttling Suit Against AT&T

Earlier this month we reported that AT&T was throttling the data connections of customers who still had the old unlimited data plan and used more than 2 gigabytes of data per month. The practice struck many as unfair, since users who were paying for unlimited data were not only getting their connection throttled, but were actually getting less data usage …

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AT&T Lightening Up On Data Throttling?

Earlier this month we brought you news that AT&T had started throttling the data streams of certain smartphone users. Those who had managed to hang onto AT&T’s now-defunct unlimited data plans were reportedly having their connections throttled after 2.1 gigabytes of data usage per month. This practice raised quite a few eyebrows, since those who still have the unlimited data …

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AT&T Is Pretty Bad At Being A Mobile ISP

It’s clear AT&T wants its customers who were lucky enough to have the unlimited data plan, something they do not offer any longer, to switch plans to one of their tiered plans, and to facilitate this, the communications monolith announced it would start throttling the connections of the top 5% of bandwidth users. Now, thanks to a post from AT&T …

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comScore Acquires M:Metrics For $44 Million

Online tracking firm comScore has acquired mobile research company M:Metrics.

comScore paid $44.3 million for the Seattle based company and issued 50,000 stock options to certain M:Metrics investors.

The acquisition strengthens comScore’s position in measuring mobile phone usage, mobile Internet surfing and advertising.

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Mobile Internet Adoption Driven By Better Browsers

High-speed wireless data networks are available to most cell phone users, but few are performing "desktop" activities according to a new report from JupiterResearch, "Mobile Internet: Leave the Browser at Home on the Desktop."

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Mobile Internet Not Yet Mainstream

More than half (53%) of 16-to-24 year olds say they have used the mobile Internet and 36 percent say they do so at least once per week, according to a recent survey from Harris Interactive.

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Broadband Users Not Fans Of Mobile Internet

When it comes to a preference of devices for US broadband users the PC is by far the most popular choice with 94 percent favoring their desktop, while 40 percent use their laptop and only 5 percent use the mobile Internet according to Media-Screen.

Mobile users can be broken down into three categories: those who access the Internet from mobile devices (5%), those who have Internet mobile devices but don’t use them to go online (58%) and those who don’t have Internet enabled mobile devices (36%).

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