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Chicago $15 Minimum Wage Could Happen

If a group of Chicago aldermen’s plans prove successful, the minimum wage for the Illinois city could be increased to $15 per hour. The officials worked to introduce a proposal on Wednesday that would boost the city’s minimum wage. It’s been noted that a separate minimum wage proposal was put together by a panel Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appointed. That …

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Minimum Wage Hike – $11.50 for Federal Rate?

As this country has lived through, and is still living through, one of the most devastating recessions of the past few decades, it has produced hardships that are much too common for American families. Americans in this economy have seen some hard hits with jobs becoming scarce, or none at all – and too many employed families who remain way …

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$11.50 Minimum Wage: Some Officials Skeptical of the Decision

After nearly a year of protesting and organized demonstrations, fast-food and retail workers have finally received changes that definitely rule in their favor. The Washington City Council announced on Tuesday, Dec. 17, that the decision to raise minimum wage to $11.50 was unanimously approved. According to the NY Times, the new hourly pay rate which was increased from an $8.25 minimum, …

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