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Star Wars VII Millennium Falcon Picture Leaked

“It’s not easy to try and hide the Millennium Falcon!” To the excitement of Star Wars fans everywhere, a photograph showing the Millennium Falcon and an X-wing fighter went viral after a flight school accidentally caught the shot this week. Matthew Myatt, a simulations engineer at Airbourne Aviation flying club, was photographing one plane to another during a flight from …

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Harrison Ford: Leg Broken, Not Ankle

Harrison Ford reportedly suffered a broken leg during a recent accident on the set of the upcoming Star Wars film–not his ankle as previously reported. The accident took place at Pinewood Studios outside of London London last Thursday. The Han Solo actor recently underwent surgery to mend the leg and will begin rehab soon. Ford’s publicist said in a statement …

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Calista Flockhart Joins Harrison Ford at Hospital

Calista Flockhart has reportedly flown to Britain to be at husband Harrison Ford’s hospital bedside. The Star Wars actor was seriously injured on set, doing serious harm to his ankle. Some sources are now saying his injuries may be even more serious than initially reported–including possible injuries to his pelvis and his chest. The two missed celebrating their fourth anniversary …

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Millennium Falcon Found in Baltic Sea?

There are perhaps tens of thousands of salvage items at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Treasure hunters frequent the area and recover many things. Peter Lindberg, a commercial diver who trawls for treasure in the Baltic, has mapped a sonar image that he intends to excavate in the Spring. The object is circular, with a diameter of 195 feet. …

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