Harrison Ford: Leg Broken, Not Ankle

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Harrison Ford reportedly suffered a broken leg during a recent accident on the set of the upcoming Star Wars film--not his ankle as previously reported. The accident took place at Pinewood Studios outside of London London last Thursday. The Han Solo actor recently underwent surgery to mend the leg and will begin rehab soon.

Ford's publicist said in a statement to the media that the actor's "surgery was successful and he will begin rehab shortly."

The accident took place when a door to the Millennium Falcon--the craft that Han Solo operates in the Star Wars films--fell on the 71-year-old actor and broke his leg. Production of the film has continued in Harrison Ford's absence and some sequences will be reworked to feature the actor from the waist up during his recuperation.

Harrison Ford is just one of the original Star Wars actors reprising his role for Star Wars: Episode VII. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Peter Mayhew will all return to the big screen when the film hits theaters in December of 2015.

Calista Flockhart--Ford's wife--flew to Britain recently to be by his side during the early stages of his recuperation. It is uncertain how long the Ally McBeal actress will stay with him.

Hopefully this injury doesn't have long term ramifications for Harrison Ford. When one breaks a limb at the age of 71 it is significantly more difficult to recuperate than had the injury occurred in his younger years.

Are you among the droves of Star Wars fans counting the months until Star Wars: Episode VII hits theaters? Do you want to place bets on whether or not Harrison Ford returns if there is ever a Star Wars: Episode VIII?

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