Google Maps Fun: A School Shaped Like The Millennium Falcon

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The Force is strong with this school, apparently. It's either that, or they are a trade school specializing in training intergalactic smugglers who can make the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs -- even though a parsec is a measurement of length, not time.

Star Wars fun aside, what we have is indeed a school that, from a Google Maps view, looks a lot like Han Solo's ship. And that's a good thing. While it's uncertain whether or not the design was intended, the completed building certainly shares similarities with the iconic spacecraft. The school in question, as indicated by Neatorama, is Parkland High School, and it's located in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Who knew Star Wars fans were such witty architects?

An embed of the school in question reveals more:

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Now for the Millennium Falcon:

Millennium Falcon

Coincidence? Or was someone on the design crew a massive Star Wars fan? In all likelihood, the coincidence explanation seems most likely, but then again, Star Wars fans are pretty much everywhere. Whether the imitation was intended or not, it still ranks above billionaire Sheikhs who deface entire islands just to tell everyone their name.

The school's overhead design isn't lost on the Google Maps reviewers, either. The featured review for Parkland High is as follows:

"I recommend Ms. Kessel's class if you're looking to get through quickly."

Hopefully, Ms. Kessel will explain the difference between measuring distance and measuring time.

Sadly, the school itself doesn't seem to embrace its distinction, although, it could be entirely ignorant in the matter. If this story goes viral, that would obviously change. Let's just hope George Lucas doesn't sue them for using likenesses that are similar to his Star Wars vehicles.

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