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Snowy Owls Coming South For Food, Say Experts

Some people as far south as Tenessee might be surprised to see an unusual bird in their backyards this spring. Great Snowy Owls have been spotted this year in some very extraordinary places, thanks to what experts are saying is a perfectly normal occurrence in nature, according to CBS. There has been an especially wild influx of the beautiful creatures …

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Snowy Owls Drifting Deeper South

The snowy owl, typically a resident of the Arctic, has been delving further south as of late, and has been spotted in parts of the New England region of the northeastern United States. The wayward owls have come south due to a phenomenon known as irruption, which is an abrupt increase in numbers of a species when natural ecological balances …

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Study Confirms Humans Came From Africa Using… Herpes

Scientists have debated, since such discussions were made permissible, the origins of the human species: did we come from Asia? Africa? Maybe even the Middle East? Until very recently, many of these theories had equal merit. However, a study of the complete genetic code of the herpes simplex virus type one (HSV-1), notorious for its oral cold sores, has confirmed …

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