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PS4 Will Lead The Console Race In 2016, Says Analyst

Predictions are fun, especially when said predictions involve video games in some capacity. That’s why it’s no surprise that analysts are already making predictions about what the video game market will look like in 2016 – three years after the launch of the Xbox One and PS4. In a note sent to investors today, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter provided …

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How Much Will The PS4, Xbox One Cost? One Analyst Has An Idea

The cost question is arguably the most important when it comes to next-generation game consoles. Even with all the best games in the world, too high of an asking price will ensure that nobody but the most hardcore of gamers will buy the new console. One analyst thinks that the price of the next-gen consoles will be pretty reasonable this …

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Zuckerberg Hoodie Debate Suggests Wall Street Has Nothing Better to Do

Zuckerberg’s hoodie and the arguments its spawned have amused me to no end. Now, I’m obviously not a Wall Street type of guy; one look at my bank account, not to mention my wardrobe (or lack thereof), suggests that I am a) a full-blown slacker with zero ambition, b) a pot-smoking layabout who would rather get stoned and play Skyrim …

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