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Kate Mara’s Star Power Is On The Rise

Kate Mara has always been a powerful actress, but with the success of the Netflix series House of Cards, her star power is definitely on the rise. The 30-year-old actress has been acting for 17 years. Her first role was in Law & Order when she was 14 and over the years, she’s been one of those actresses you see …

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The Fantastic Four Reboot Makes Controversial Casting Decisions

It’s official…almost: the Fantastic Four reboot came closer to finalizing the cast this week. Previous reports revealed that Michael B. Jordan plans to play the Human Torch/ Johnny Storm. In Feb, several actors screen tested for the other three major roles. Among those actors and actresses were Kate Mara, Emmy Rossum, and Miles Teller. Eventually Mara won the role of …

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Zac Efron’s Awkward Moment, Explained by Michael B.Jordan and MilesTeller

In November Zac Efron had his jaw wired shut, after he suffered a huge fall.The original report alleged that Efron slipped in a puddle of water outside his home. However, due to the reveal of Efron’s alcohol and drug troubles months earlier,many people thought the real story was more complicated.Possibly a story involving Efron relapsing after his rehab stint.Well the truth …

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