The Fantastic Four Reboot Makes Controversial Casting Decisions

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It’s official…almost: the Fantastic Four reboot came closer to finalizing the cast this week. Previous reports revealed that Michael B. Jordan plans to play the Human Torch/ Johnny Storm. In Feb, several actors screen tested for the other three major roles. Among those actors and actresses were Kate Mara, Emmy Rossum, and Miles Teller.

Eventually Mara won the role of Sue Storm/the Invisible Woman over Emmy Rossum. 20th Century Fox and director Josh Trank offered Mara and Jordan final deals. However, due to Teller’s busy filming schedule, his deal is still in the works. Trank wants to work around Teller’s other projects, to avoid scheduling conflicts. If Teller officially joins the cast, he’ll play Reid Richards / Mr. Fantastic.

Another addition to the cast is Jamie Bell. Bell was offered the role of Ben Grimm/ the Thing, but has not finalized his deal with Fox and Trank for the role.

The Fantastic Four began in the 1960s, during Marvel Comics’ golden age. The comics revolved around a scientist, his family, and his best friend. They develop powers after cosmic radiation exposure. The Fantastic Four battle various creatures throughout the series, but their main nemesis is Dr. Doom. Previous reports claim Fox wants an A-list actor for that role, which may result in a gender swap.

Marvel Comics and Fantastic Four fans still have to wait a little longer to discover what, if any, changes will be made to ensure an A-lister plays Dr. Doom.

Trank’s reboot is based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four series, which ran from 2004-2009, and had 60 comics. Ultimate Fantastic Four followed a much younger version of Sue, Ben, Reed and Johnny; the origin of how they developed their powers was changed as well.

Many comic purists already labeled the reboot a failure, because of the racial, age, and physical differences between the cast compared to the original Fantastic Four characters. However, all four young actors have proven their talent in various shows and movies, so they may silence naysayers after the film’s release.

The Fantastic Four reboot hits theaters June 19, 2015.

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