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Katharine McPhee, Matthew Perry in new CBS Shows

CBS has announced the pick-ups of five new dramas and two new comedies, bringing Katharine McPhee and Matthew Perry back to the small screen. McPhee will star alongside Robert Patrick and Eddie Kyle Thomas in Scorpion, a drama that follows an eccentric genius (Patrick) and his international network of super-geniuses out to battle threats of the modern age. Matthew Perry …

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Courteney Cox to David Letterman: No ‘Friends’ Reunion

Courteney Cox recently told David Letterman that a Friends reunion show is “not gonna happen.” Cox appeared on The Late Show Monday night and Letterman asked the inevitable question: will there be a Friends reunion? Cox said she can’t even get the six former cast members together for dinner due to conflicting schedules and the fact that they all live …

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Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry Together Again

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry–former Friends costars–reunited once again on the set of Cox’s hit show Cougar Town. Known for their roles as Monica and Chandler Bing on the long-running sitcom, they were excited to work together yet again. This isn’t the first time the two have reunited on the small screen, however. Courteney Cox guest starred on Matthew Perry’s …

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Courtney Cox Teams Up With Matthew Perry Again

Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry played onscreen friends, lovers, and husband-and-wife for 10 seasons on “Friends”, and anytime they reunite it’s a big deal for fans. They must have gotten a thrill, then, when it was announced that Perry would be making a guest appearance on Cox’s show, “Cougar Town”. The duo have gotten together a couple of times since …

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