Courtney Cox Teams Up With Matthew Perry Again

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Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry played onscreen friends, lovers, and husband-and-wife for 10 seasons on "Friends", and anytime they reunite it's a big deal for fans. They must have gotten a thrill, then, when it was announced that Perry would be making a guest appearance on Cox's show, "Cougar Town".

The duo have gotten together a couple of times since "Friends" ended, most recently when Cox made an appearance on Perry's now-defunct show "Go On".

"She is fantastic, obviously. And my desire to show off in front of her is back in full swing," Perry said.

Cox said that getting together with her former costar was surreal because it was so natural.

"Nothing has changed! Literally! From the producers coming in to the process of learning the lines, all of it [is the same] except for the way we look!" Cox said.

Both actors have been through a lot over the years; Perry battled substance abuse addiction, and though Cox was happily married to fellow actor David Arquette and shares a daughter with him, the couple's divorce was just recently finalized. They say they plan to raise Coco, 9, together.

“I don’t recommend divorce in general,” she said, “but he is my best friend and we’ve both grown and changed, and I think we both appreciate each other more.”

Fans of "Friends" have been hoping for years to see the entire gang back together, but until that happens, this will have to do.

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