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Math Fears Could Be Genetically Influenced, Shows Study

A large portion of the human population knows the fear of math, that stomach-rumbling anxiety encountered when numbers blur into a jumble as the only correct solution to an equation is demanded. For many these fears may stem from early education that did not prepare them for the increasingly complex math introduced with each successive school year. Now a new …

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Math Anxiety Could Hurt Health Messaging, Shows Study

Though mathematics is one of the most important inventions in the history of humanity, many humans actually have an aversion to the subject. Researchers call this “math anxiety” and new research is showing that the condition can influence people in a variety of situations. A new study from researchers at Pennsylvania State University is now showing that math anxiety can …

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Mathematicians Bring Numbers to the Gun Debate

The elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last December put gun control back in the American political spotlight. Since that time, passionate people on both sides of the gun debate have been arguing the merits of stricter gun laws. Now, two mathematicians have brought cold, hard math to bear on the debate. “It’s time to bring a scientific framework to …

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Math Proves Super Mario Bros., Legend of Zelda Are (NP-)Hard

If you grew up playing video games in the 1980s or early 1990s, you almost certainly tasted the bitter fruit of frustration when you lost at games from the Mario Bros. or Legend of Zelda canons. Personally, I would unleash ungodly fits of anger when I couldn’t beat games, throwing remote controls and kicking whatever was within leg’s reach. As …

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