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Mass Effect Getting Anime Adaptation This Fall
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Have you ever wondered what Mass Effect would be like as a movie? Well, it’s not a movie, but Funimation is making an anime based on the series. Announced last year, nobody really had any idea of what an anime …

Mass Effect 3 Doesn’t Like Your Face
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If you’ve been playing the Mass Effect series since the first game and are about to jump into the third game, you might want to start working on a new Shepard. VentureBeat is reporting that players have found themselves unable …

Mass Effect 3 Extended Trailer Released
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We reported last week on EA releasing a teaser for a Mass Effect 3 trailer that would air during The Walking Dead. Well, that trailer did air, but EA did us one better. They released an extended version of that …

Singapore Bans Xbox Game For Lesbian Scene

The Xbox 360 video game Mass Effect has been banned in Singapore because it features a lesbian scene between an alien and a human.