Mass Effect Getting Anime Adaptation This Fall


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Have you ever wondered what Mass Effect would be like as a movie? Well, it's not a movie, but Funimation is making an anime based on the series.

Announced last year, nobody really had any idea of what an anime adaptation of Mass Effect would look like. We finally get our first look today at SXSW where Funimation's James Vega showed off some concept art from the adaptation.

The anime is called Mass Effect: Paragon Lost. It will focus solely on the character of James Vega who was introduced in Mass Effect 3. The animation will be handled by Production I.G. who are well known as the studio behind Ghost in the Shell. It should be out this fall.

Funimation also announced the release date for the Dragon Age anime which will be called Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker. It will be launching on May 29. There's some footage here that shows off a style similar to Appleseed's CG animation techniques.

From The Floor: SXSW 12 - Mass Effect Teaser... by DM-Exclusives

Some people are less than excited about the anime being based around James Vega. Since his introduction in the third game, some fans voiced their dislike of the new character's starring role.

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