Mass Effect 3 Extended Trailer Released


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We reported last week on EA releasing a teaser for a Mass Effect 3 trailer that would air during The Walking Dead. Well, that trailer did air, but EA did us one better. They released an extended version of that trailer online for all to enjoy.

You can watch the trailer now, but I would like to point out a few things in the trailer worth mentioning.

First things first, is that Ashley? The same Ashley that I had no remorse over letting die in the first Mass Effect because she was a xenophobic jerk? While looks aren’t everything, I do feel kind of bad about letting her die now.

We get to see the first full conversion from human to husk. The first two games never showed the actual conversion from organic to machine so being able to see the actual conversion makes it far more terrifying than originally thought.

The last thing to notice are the new big enemies at the end of the trailer. It will be interesting to see how large enemies will transition to in-game combat. Most games that feature large enemies as normal encounters tend to get boring fast as they devolve into bullet sponges that serve only to frustrate.

All in all, it’s an impressive trailer that brings an emotional edge that BioWare seemed to lack in Mass Effect 2. It raises my personal hype level for Mass Effect 3 to new heights. I was kind of let down by Mass Effect 2, but I have high hopes for the final chapter.

But seriously BioWare, you want to get on that Jade Empire sequel after you finish up Mass Effect 3?