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Lamar Odom Reduced to “Inactive” Status After Clash With Mark Cuban
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We reported to you earlier that Mavericks fans became fed up with Lamar Odom and that he disbanded from the team a few days ago. Odom is currently listed as “inactive” which means that he is still eleigible for an …

Mark Cuban Makes Second Round Of Investing In Mention Mobile Mark Cuban Makes Second Round Of Investing In Mention Mobile

Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks is known for being many things. A jerk, an entrepreneur, a forward thinking business minded individual. The entrepreneurship part of him has come out when Mention Mobile announced today that Cuban has …

Mark Cuban Asks Twitter: Am I A Homophobe? Mark Cuban Asks Twitter: Am I A Homophobe?
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At last weekend’s MIT Sloan Sports Analytic Conference, Dallas Mavericks owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban sat down with sports columnist and Grantland.com’s Bill Simmons. During their discussion, which was part of Simmons’ B.S. Report podcast, Cuban made a joke that …

LifeStrength Speaks Out about Balance Bracelets
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On a recent episode of Shark Tank, Mark Cuban, and some of the other sharks, spoke out against negative ion technology. When Ryan Naylor for Esso watches gave his demonstration, Mark Cuban had some harsh words: “I’m allergic to scams, …

Mark Cuban Goes To The Dogs In Super Bowl Ad Mark Cuban Goes To The Dogs In Super Bowl Ad
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Mark Cuban, famed businessman and Dallas Mavericks owner, showed up at the Super Bowl in the best way possible – a Skechers ad. The ad features a greyhound race with a bulldog wearing Skechers’ new shoes that allow it to …

The Best of Twitter TV & Mark Cuban Singing Purple Rain The Best of Twitter TV & Mark Cuban Singing Purple Rain

Twitter has become a big part of television watching for a lot of people. It’s certainly been big for a lot shows as well. Twitter has compiled a best of reel. Also Mark Cuban sings Purple Rain. View more daily …

YouTube Still A Huge Mistake For Google, Says Mark Cuban YouTube Still A Huge Mistake For Google, Says Mark Cuban
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Dallas Mavs owner and entrepreneur Mark Cuban was critical of Google’s decision to buy YouTube when it happened back in 2006. Apparently, those sentiments haven’t changed. Appearing on the CBS What’s Trending show, he received a question submitted from Twitter …

Mark Cuban: End All Software Patents Mark Cuban: End All Software Patents

Patent disputes are in the tech news all the time, but last week when Google and Microsoft got into a heated public debate, it drew a lot of attention and discussion around the nature of patents. Mark Cuban, (entrepreneur, VC, …

The Internet Wraps Up The NBA Finals in Style The Internet Wraps Up The NBA Finals in Style

If there’s a better mix of Internet content than social media and how it reacts to sports, I’m not sure what it is. Sure, message boards will always blow up if there’s a movie/television show worth discussing, but those “your …

Mark Cuban Enjoys Being The New King of the NBA Mark Cuban Enjoys Being The New King of the NBA

Move over LeBron and Dwyane Wade. Pat Riley too. There’s a new sheriff in town, and he goes by the name of Mark Cuban, owner of the NBA champion Dallas Mavericks, and it’s pretty clear Cuban is going to enjoy …

Mark Cuban Updates His Stance on Google
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Update: Cuban has now posted a lengthy explanation of his stance on Google. Essentially, he appears to view Google as helpful if not necesary for lesser known brands, but as a bad business decision for big names in the news industry.

Cuban: NBA Makes Money with Twitter

We’re hearing more and more about companies and organizations making better use of Twitter as a revenue driver than Twitter itself. As far as entrepreneur and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is concerned, the NBA is one of those organizations.

Mark Cuban To Yahoo: Acquire Everything
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The holidays are, to be honest, a bad time for tech news.  With many of their employees either taking time off or shopping from their desks, companies don’t do a lot that needs to be covered.  But if Mark Cuban has his way, Yahoo will provide plenty of material by going on an acquisition spree.

Mark Cuban vs. The SEC

If there is anyone who is representative of all the potential, all the excess and all the celebrity that the Internet economy has offered up to this point, it’s Mark Cuban. His flamboyant style keeps him in the news in one way or another and his mounds of cash from the sale of Broadcast.com to Yahoo! during the first internet gold rush has allowed him to live a life that most can only dream of (if that’s your sort of thing). Well, today that dream life may be looking more like a nightmare as the SEC investigates charges of insider trading by Mr. Cuban.

Mark Cuban Proclaims Insider Trading Innocence

After being accused of insider trading by the SEC, Mark Cuban’s done the smart thing and stayed fairly quiet so far.  Just the same, one short announcement has given a few clues as to what’s going on in relation to the Mamma.com charges.

Mark Cuban Accused Of Insider Trading
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Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Landmark Theaters, and HDNet, has been accused of insider trading.  The SEC claims that, following a private conversation with the Mamma.com’s CEO, Cuban sold his entire stake in the company and thereby avoided at least $750,000 in losses.

Buyout The Best Sites, Beat Google
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Mark Cuban suggested Yahoo or Microsoft could payoff the top five sites for each of the top 25,000 queries on Google, have those sites leave the Google index for good, and bring Google’s normal traffic for those sites into the rival fold.

Cringely Blames Yahoo For Analysis Paralysis

Glacial-paced decision making left Yahoo in a position where Microsoft could sweep in with its bid, argues tech pundit Robert X. Cringely.

French, Canadians, (Mark) Cuban Go After P2P

Torrents and peer-to-peer networks have had a rough couple of weeks lately. In addition to Cox and Comcast’s recent blocking of torrent sites, file-sharing has been under assault in France and Canada, not to mention from billionaire Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban Cites Trust As Facebook Edge

Real people make the treasure trove of information on Facebook the real draw for developing on its platform, which Mark Cuban believes gives it an edge over Google’s OpenSocial conglomeration.

Can’t Touch This: Yahoo, Comcast, And Video

The lightly noticed Yahoo and Comcast announcement about a deal that places Yahoo’s online display and video advertising on Comcast’s web properties could be an Internet video watershed moment.