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Luigi’s Habit Of Falling Asleep Anywhere Is Starting To Get Dangerous

For three videos now, Nintendo has made light of Luigi’s apparent narcolepsy. Sure, it may be a main gameplay mechanic in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but it’s still a dangerous condition. The latest video advertising the game doesn’t do anything to address any health problems that Luigi may have. In the latest, and what appears to be last, video, …

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Mario & Luigi Embrace Their Italian Heritage In The Latest Dream Team Trailer

If you frequent Internet culture, you would know that Luigi is a pretty big fan of spaghetti. Nintendo has downplayed Mario and Luigi’s Italian heritage in recent years, but it’s making a comeback in the latest ads for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the latest adventure, Mario and Luigi are cooking up some spaghetti at a resort. The big …

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Nintendo Continues To Advertise Mario & Luigi: Dream Team In The Best Way Possible

I love Nintendo’s silly live-action ads. I like to think that most kids who grew up in the 90s and early 2000s love them as well. There was a time when Nintendo didn’t make many of them, but the silly live-action ads of yesteryear are finally making a comeback. Last week, Nintendo revealed the first TV ad for Mario & …

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Check Out This Silly Mario & Luigi: Dream Team TV Ad

Back in the N64 and Gamecube days, Nintendo was known for imaginative, and oftentimes silly, TV ads. That all stopped once the DS and Wii came out as Nintendo opted for ads showing families having fun together instead. For its latest 3DS games, Nintendo has tapped into the fun loving ads of yesteryear. Nintendo recently shared the TV ad for …

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