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MapQuest Changes Business Listing Management

MapQuest announced that it has made some adjustments to the way businesses can manage their listings. The AOL-owned company says the changes make the process of handling information corrections more streamlined. In other words, it’s now easier to change contact info, hours of operation, addresses, etc. “For nearly two decades, MapQuest has been helping people get from A to B,” …

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AOL’s MapQuest Launches Travel Blogging Feature

AOL has launched MapQuest Travel Blogs for the web and iOS (via a dedicated app). The feature lets users create blogs of their trips with photos, stories, reviews, etc. According to the company, the Travel Blogs will automatically map out your entire trip. “Free travel blogs are the perfect way for you to seamlessly capture all of your memories from …

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MapQuest Helps You Find The Best Gas Prices With New App

Google Maps is the go to app for most smartphone owners, especially on Android. One of the original mapping services, MapQuest, is still hanging in there though. Their new app may even prove to be most useful for travelers this holiday season. MapQuest announced that its new Gas Prices app is now available on both Google Play and the App …

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As Apple Maps Flounders, MapQuest App Gets Updates

Though the new Apple Maps app has caused a bit of frustration and laughter, but the software is still usable for everyday purposes. I suspect most of the complaints lobbed at Apple over Maps is part of the shock of going from the feature-rich (and developed and maintained by 7,100 people) Google Maps experience to a newer, buggier Apple experience. …

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MapQuest Goes With TomTom On Mobile Apps

It looks like TomTom is having a pretty good year. First, Apple dropped Google as its primary Maps provider, only to switch to TomTom (along with some other sources). Now, MapQuest announced that it has selected TomTom Maps to power its iPhone and Android apps. “As the world’s leading supplier of in-car location and navigation products and services, TomTom provides …

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MapQuest Offering Free & Unlimited APIs to Lure Developers from Google Maps

Now that MapQuest is stepping out with some sharp new threads thanks to the release of 3.0 for iPhone last month, it really wants developers to try their hand at building maps with its API. To entice developers, MapQuest is offering up all of its geocoding and routing APIs to developers and businesses for free with unlimited access. By signing …

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Bing Tops Google, Ties Yellow Pages for Best Local Search

Bing’s local search tool recently received a 500cc injection of good, wholesome vitamin Yelp to boost the quality of search results for local businesses. The Bing Local “Powered by Yelp” combo looks to go a long way in improving local search, especially as it continues to become available for more businesses and more locations. However, according to a recent study, …

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MapQuest 3.0 for iPhone Gets Superbly Remade from Scratch

MapQuest announced today that it’s released a completely overhauled version of its app for iPhone with a total redesign that hosts a much improved user interface that should make your next trip a little easier to figure out. The most notable improvement to the app, at least in my nowhere-near-comprehensive first impression, is the directions feature. In virtually every map …

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MapQuest’s Going to Trust You Know How to Get Out of Your Neighborhood

Whenever you look up directions with a map service – it doesn’t matter which one you fancy, be it Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, or whatever – if you enter your address as the starting point, the directions will invariably tell you to head out of town by some route that surprises you. Maybe it’s because your natural disposition isn’t …

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Microsoft’s New AOL Patents Could Help Combat Google Maps

With Microsoft recently acquiring about 800 of AOL’s patents, it has been speculated that the software giant might have just upped its ante against Google Maps. The $1.056 billion deal also got Microsoft pending patent applications, and also included shares of an unnamed AOL subsidiary (some are pointing to Netscape), which allows AOL to take a loss for tax purposes. …

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MapQuest Makes Pinning Maps on Pinterest Easier

MapQuest has just made it easier to pin maps onto Pinterest. The social media site has been picking up tremendous steam over the past few months, and this new addition is sure to add a lot more pins. People has started using MapQuest to pin the places they have visited, where they are going, and how they are getting there. …

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MapQuest Vibe Gaming, Search Features Launch At SXSW

AOL’s MapQuest announced the launch of some new features for its MapQuest Vibe product (web and iPhone), bringing a gaming element to it. That includes check-ins, “neighborhood influence,” which lets users share votes, comments and check-ins across Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter, the ability to compete against friends and other people for said influence, the ability to win VIP badges, and …

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MapQuest For Android Can Fix What Google Maps Sometimes Gets Wrong

Face it, Google: sometimes, you get it wrong when it comes to mapping out directions. In my experience with mapping directions generated by Google, I have taken many an erroneous exist and been directed to intersections that didn’t exist. Once, I even arrived at the porch of a household that was totally not expecting me (because we had no idea …

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MapQuest Vibe Launched to Rank Local Businesses

AOL announced the launch of MapQuest Vibe, which it says generates “real-time rankings of neighborhoods, local hotspots and points-of interests using sophisticated algorithms.” “MapQuest Vibe helps people cut through the ratings clutter by providing actual rankings based on key criteria within a richer neighborhood context,” said MapQuest VP of product, Vijay Bangaru.”Presenting neighborhood data in a structure that’s enhanced by …

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MapQuest Android App Launched

MapQuest has unveiled a new Android app that comes with voice-guided/turn-by-turn Navigation, voice search, a map toolbar (making it easily find restaurants, gas stations, etc. with one click), walking/driving directions, recommendations for the best routes, rotating maps, and live traffic flow/incidents.

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Walking Directions Now on MapQuest (Transit Too)

MapQuest announced the availability of both walking directions and transit directions on its service. 

It’s interesting that it has taken this long for MapQuest to get such features, though to be fair, MapQuest did have walking directions available on its MQ4Mobile and Mobile Web apps for a while. But now they’re available on 

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MapQuest Open Roll-out Rolls On

MapQuest’s embrace of user-generated content from a topographical perspective continues with the release of additional editions of MapQuest Open.

By aggregating its data from the OpenStreetMap service, MapQuest Open allows users to interact with their applicable map, which would, according to MapQuest’s blog entry, “indicate rapid change in geographic locations, points of interest and routing.”

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MapQuest Launches Free Gasoline Sweepstakes For The Holidays

AOL’s MapQuest has launched a month-long “Free Gas for a Year” sweepstakes for the holiday season.

MapQuest will be giving away free gas for a year to 31 people, one winner, everyday, during December.

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AOL Brings Back Local Food And Entertainment Guide

AOL said today it is relaunching its City’s Best online guide to provide local food and entertainment reviews in 25 metro areas.

City’s Best local editors and writers in each market have visited and selected the best food,  and entertainment destinations in each city creating directory listings for each. AOL will invite local users to chose the most popular spots.


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Google Maps Photo Layer Gets Improvements, MapQuest Launches Atlas

There are a couple interesting things happening with online maps today. Google has updated its Photos layer and MapQuest has introduced Atlas. 

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Court Rules Government Must Get Warrant to Access Cell Phone Location Data

According to the EFF, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia ruled that federal law allows judges the discretion to require that the government obtain a probable cause search warrant before accessing cell phone location data. 

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Craigslist CEO Goes Off on CNN’s Amber Lyon

Craiglist CEO Jim Buckmaster wrote a feisty blog post aimed at CNN’s Amber Lyon. It begins:

I see you’ve now gotten around to requesting an interview with me or a company spokesperson, 90 days after you ambushed our namesake and founder, Craig Newmark, following his May 20th talk on veteran’s affairs and other issues unrelated to craigslist, at a conference in Washington.

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MapQuest Lets You Send Locations To Your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury

AOL’s MapQuest announced a partnership with Ford Motor Company today, in which MapQuest users will be able to search for destinations from the MapQuest site, and send them directly to their Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury vehicles (so long as they are equipped with the SYNC Traffic, Directions and Information service).

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Mapquest Continues Improving New Design

Mapquest recently rolled out a complete redesign, but it didn’t stop there. This week, the site made some additional adjustments, such as Full Map View and zoom via mouse scroll.

With Full Map View, users can now collapse the left pane to view a map that’s as wide as the browser window. "This is a great option for those of you that are visual and like to see as much map as possible," says Mapquest’s Ann Koerner.

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MapQuest Greatly Expands Coverage of Live Traffic

MapQuest announced that it has expanded its live traffic coverage. It now includes over a quarter-million miles of roads in major North American cities.

MapQuest is now including "key" arterials and city streets. The goal of this is to provide users with more information to make better decisions about alternate cross-town routes.

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MapQuest Makes Improvements to Route Planner

MapQuest announced that it has enhanced its Route Planner product with some new features. Route Planner is a tool that lets users plan trips that include up to 26 stops, giving the quickest route and most efficient order for those stops.

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MapQuest Rolls Out New Look

AOL’s MapQuest has introduced a new look and feel that goes beyond maps and driving directions and focuses more on local search.

Starting today users can opt in via a link to try out the new MapQuest. The new redesign will replace the old version of MapQuest in about a month.

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Why MapQuest Should Be Considered in Your Local Marketing Mix

I don’t think too many people will dispute the fact that location is buzz topic of 2010 so far within the online marketing industry. Big players in this space include Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Facebook (soon), and of course Google.

As reported earlier this week, Google noted that a third of its searches via the mobile web pertain to some aspect of the searcher’s local environment, and that they think of location as a "hugely important signal".

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Driving Traffic with MapQuest and its New Search Engine

Local business search is becoming more of an area of great focus by search providers as time goes on. Google, especially, has been working overtime on providing new features that can help users find local businesses of interest. AOL’s MapQuest has been working on improving its own business search functionality, which we talked to the company a little about.

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