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Lucy Lawless Says “Xena” Reboot Is Just “Wishful Thinking”

Lucy Lawless has played many roles onscreen, but one of her most well-known is that of Xena, Warrior Princess. Lately, a smattering of rumors online has fans worked up about the possibility of a reboot, but Lawless took to Twitter today to tell them to stand down. Lucy is currently busy filming the Evil Dead spinoff show Ash Vs. Evil …

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Lucy Lawless Brings Drag Queen Show to a Grinding Halt

Lucy Lawless is busy these days shooting in Shreveport, Louisiana, where she is filming the second season of the TV show Salem. Lucy Lawless told TV Guide that she has fun wherever she shoots because she gets to know the area by slipping into local courtrooms to hear what sort of issues everyday people are dealing with. “Most people have …

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Lucy Lawless On Her New “Salem” Role

Lucy Lawless will be joining the cast of Salem when it returns for its second bone-chilling season. Of course, Lucy Lawless is incredible in everything from Xena: Warrior Princess to Spartacus to her milder stint on Parks and Recreation. However, Lucy Lawless‘ role in Salem is anything but mild and is like nothing she’s ever done before. Lucy Lawless described …

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Lucy Lawless To Star In New “Evil Dead” Series

Lucy Lawless has officially been cast in the upcoming Starz series Ash Vs. Evil Dead, and fans of Xena are pleased at the news of a reunion. Lawless will join her former co-star, Bruce Campbell, for the series as Ruby, a woman on a mission to track down the source of a recent outbreak of evildoing. According to Entertainment Weekly, …

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Lucy Lawless Promotes Help Our Kids Campaign

Lucy Lawless is urging New Zealanders to help raise money for the Help Our Kids campaign. The campaign was designed to raise awareness and money for the national children’s hospital, Starship. Lawless is an ambassador for the hospital and also sits on the Starship Foundation Board of Trustees. She created a video message to make supporters aware of the campaign’s …

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Lucy Lawless, Greenpeace Warrior, Arrested in New Zealand

Lucy Lawless has made a career out of playing badasses on television. However, it would seem that her warrior mentality extends to real life, as well. In order to bring attention to Arctic oil drilling, Lawless, 44, and six other Greenpeace activists climbed aboard an oil drilling ship in Port Taranaki, New Zealand in attempt to prevent it from embarking …

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